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BIM Modeling Outsourcing: How to do it in a right way

Though the term “BIM” might be unfamiliar to most people, it is quite prolific in specific niches and industries. For example, if you ask a designer about it, they should […]

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How to Create a Model for Digital Twin in 2024

We often highlight AI-driven solutions, innovative transportation methods, and captivating digital simulations when envisioning the technologies shaping our future. Despite the allure of these advancements, equally significant yet less visible […]

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Where to Get Top Quality AR/VR-ready 3D Models

When it comes to the development of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) software, you can’t get very far without 3D models. Although you might find some outlier programs […]

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VFX Pipeline: What It Means and How You Can Use It

Most of us watch a lot of movies, but it is not often that we see something that amazes us with its visual brilliance and creativity, prompting us to wonder […]

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How to Create 3D Model for Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is being incorporated into various media, from smartphones to digital billboards and television broadcasts. The presence of 3D models, whether animated or static, highlights their importance in our […]

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3D Modeling in Games vs Movies: A battle of the budget?

When we think of video games and blockbuster movies, we tend to imagine 2 different spectacles. On one hand, you have the sleek and artificial characters and settings of games […]

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Visual Effects Today: Basics, Trends, and Tips

What is VFX? When we hear the term visual effects, many of us imagine colorful and fantastic creatures, action sequences, fantasy worlds, and other unique visuals one can see on […]

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3D Walkthroughs: What is it and How you can benefit

Traveling is a hobby shared by millions of people, but this is usually in the context of seeing beautiful faraway lands. Unfortunately, most of the travel an average person does […]

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The Differences Between 2D And 3D Animation

If you were asked to picture a dragon in your mind, what would it look like? Would it be a colorful and physics-defying beast resembling a Disney cartoon character or […]

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How 3D Architectural Visualization Affects the Construction Industry

There is something special about things that you create with your own two hands. If you ever built a treehouse in your childhood, you probably have many fond memories of […]

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The Difference Between CAD and 3D Modeling

As exemplified by platforms like AutoCAD, CAD software stands out for its robust capabilities in generating digital technical drawings and constructing 2D and 3D models. A pivotal attribute of CAD […]

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How to Optimize 3D Modeling for Games [Path of Exile Success Story]

In this article, we will focus on how you can use your 3D content in various situations when you need to develop games rapidly. Let’s get right into it.

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What Makes 3D Product Modeling for Ecommerce So Efficient

Product positioning plays a vital role in ecommerce business. Today, there are a lot of ways you can market your products better and increase sales performance.

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7 Golden Rules for Choosing an Outsourced Art and 3D Modeling Company

Any whim for your money, huh? In the world of outsourcing, this might be the most common promise outsourcing art and 3D modeling companies give to their clients. As somebody […]

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Pipeline Workflow of a Sofa Creation Using Retopology

What if you want to retain a solid image quality in a high-poly character mesh and animate your in-game heroes at the same time? That is the case when a retopology should come to your mind and allow for a smooth process of creating physical actions patterns for your characters.

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