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Traveling is a hobby shared by millions of people, but this is usually in the context of seeing beautiful faraway lands. Unfortunately, most of the travel an average person does happens on their daily commute and running errands. There are many times in our lives when we need to visit and see a location in person, but would much rather stay where we are and relax. This is where 3D walkthroughs come in. You are likely already familiar with the concept of a 3D walkthrough (a virtual experience wherein you can view and move through a particular location represented digitally), but you might not be aware of their many uses, and how they are created. We will discuss all of these points and more.

How a 3D Walkthrough is made

Walkthroughs come in several forms, but their purpose is generally the same – to show the areas of a location or setting by moving through it. Thus, the walkthroughs are sometimes referred to as tours. What sets video tours apart from 3D tours is that a video is pre-recorded with no option to change the angle or content of what you see, while 3D tours usually allow the user to look at digital objects from various angles, control your motion through the location, and make each experience in this location different.

From a technical standpoint, there are 2 requirements for creating a 3D walkthrough – hardware and software. In general, you can create the tours on most personal computers and laptops, provided that they have the processing power to make the simulation work. In regards to viewing the simulation, it can be achieved on mobile devices, PCs, and specialized hardware (like a virtual reality headset), depending on the specifications of the project. As for the software component, the most popular options chosen by designers are 3DS Max, AutoCAD, V-Ray, SketchUp, and Revit. For example, an AutoCAD 3D walkthrough would be created by:

  • the designer building 3D models of the location and its interior/exterior;
  • adding movement, lighting, and other features;
  • rendering the project and making it accessible on devices.

Advantages of 3D Walkthroughs

Apart from the obvious advantage of being able to see and “walk through” a location without ever visiting it, virtual tours have several clear-cut advantages that should not be discounted.

1. Better for presentations

Walkthroughs for presentations

Let’s say that you want to restore and refurbish an old building, repurpose it to be an art gallery. To convince investors to support the project, you could demonstrate the project through images, descriptions, and promotional videos, but few means will be as effective as virtual tours. Showcasing a building or setting through a virtual walking experience is a surefire way to catch people’s attention and give a thorough view and understanding of your project.

2. A more fulfilling experience

3DWalkthrough affects better experience

While not all 3D tours are built with the same level of detail and care, there is no doubt that they offer a much more immersive and captivating experience than a 3D architectural walkthrough video, 2D animation, or a set of drawings. Thus, anyone that takes part in the experience will be able to learn more about the location, its layout, objects inside, and key features. Furthermore, exploring a building or territory with such technology can be a fun and entertaining experience, especially when you don’t know what’s waiting for you around the corner.

3. Cost-effective

3d models walkthrough

It is no secret that creating 3D models and environments can take up much time, but the same can be said for ordinary drawings, blueprints, animation, and various promotional materials. One key distinction to make here is that making a 3D model of an existing object or building is often easier than creating a new model from scratch, so users can end up greatly benefiting from 3D walkthrough cost saved and time saved.

Where a 3D property walkthrough can be used

Based on its typical application, you might think that 3D walkthroughs are a niche product, and have a very limited sphere of use. However, businesses have found several unique uses for the approach, which are not limited to any single industry. Here are a few of the relevant industries:

1. Architecture

3D architectural walkthrough services are quite popular nowadays, and this is only logical, considering how helpful these tours can be for presenting architectural projects as well as visualizing architectural design.

2. Real Estate

With a 3D real estate walkthrough, agents can offer prospective customers the opportunity to tour a home before even visiting, as well as explore it themselves for a better understanding of the property. Such a convenient option has the potential to receive plenty of attention on the market, as well as improve sales.

3. Museums

Museums have been around for hundreds of years, but their operating format and basic principles have undergone very few changes in general. Simulation technology has the potential to change this, making museum tours available to all people and in all locations. For instance, you could take a home 3D walkthrough of a museum just sitting on your couch.

4. Entertainment

If applied properly, 3D modeling and simulation technologies could become a major asset in the entertainment industry. For example, they could allow fans to visit the sites of popular events, such as a music concert or sports game, or visit the home of their favorite celebrity with a 3D house walkthrough.

Finding the right 3D walkthrough company

If you are interested in creating a 3D tour or similar experience, there are 2 popular choices to consider. First, you can pick up a Unity 3D architectural walkthrough tutorial (or other relevant learning material), and get started on building the simulation yourself. Both the learning part and the building part can take a lot of time. The alternative to this approach is finding the right company to create the simulation for you. For example, if you are looking for a 3D architectural walkthrough company, you will need to make sure that their design skills and acumen are sufficient for taking on your project.

3D-Ace is a studio specializing in creating various 2D and 3D designs and products. Our team has experience in creating a multitude of 3D walkthrough animation and simulations, as well as supporting other teams in achieving their design and visualization needs. If you are interested in our services, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to discuss the 3D walkthrough price, concept, and further details with you.