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2D Art Services We Provide

Our 2D art company houses an amazing team of artists ready to take on even the most challenging projects. We are excited to create 2D art of different complexity to suit your business needs.

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Why Choose Us For 2D Art Creation

Our studio is a one-stop-shop for all your art needs and related services. You won’t have to go anywhere else to get high-quality assets in any format and style. 3D-Ace is the best choice for 2D art outsourcing, and we will prove it to you!


Versatile artists

Though each of our artists has individual strengths, all of them are capable of creating a wide range of art. That is why even one 2D artist for hire can expertly tackle the work of multiple professions.


Operating at peak efficiency

We have an established and effective pipeline for delivering 2D art at top speed and quality. We use only the finest software and waste no time on redundant or inefficient techniques.


Listening to your every need

Our art outsourcing services will make the design process smooth and well-optimized, meeting your every requirement. One of our primary benefits involves keeping you updated with briefs and constant communication.

Our Technology Expertise in 2D Art

Our team of artists has a wide array of software and hardware at its disposal, allowing them to create 2D art at peak efficiency. They are also armed with years of experience in designing for different forms of media and industries.

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adobe photoshop

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adobe illustrator

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Which techniques does your team use to create 2D art?

We commonly use digital painting, but also refer to other methods like collage, vector painting, photo painting, and so forth when the situation calls for it. Usually, we create a sketch or some other form of preliminary art before committing to a full art piece. As a rule, our artists start with the lines and outlines of objects in a piece before painting colors or shadows.
Communication is key, and this applies to both communication with our clients and within the team. Obviously, we try to get the most detailed specifications possible for the work before we start, controlling further processes through QA specialists and senior artists/managers. We prefer to take an iterative approach to art, filling in a painting step by step, and performing as many revisions as our client deems necessary.

Our clients speak

Guvenc Sahin

Owner of Vector Games

3D-Ace created high-quality 3D models of characters and weapon units for our game. The team worked in a perfect harmony, and every member of it from artists to managers is incredible. They work fast and professionally. 3D-Ace is the best choice for outsourcing needs.

Maurizio de Girolami

Senior Software Developer at Ip Tech S.r.l.

I chose 3D-Ace because the works in their 3D portfolio were very near to what I was looking for. The guys showed themselves as a very professional, serious and capable team, they made every effort to establish a good business relationship.

Tim Ransom

President at Visual Thunder Media

3D-ACE has delivered excellent quality 3D modeling work for us on budget and on time. As a demanding client with precision expectations, I am pleased that they rise to the bar each time we challenge them.

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