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10 Best Game Art Outsourcing Companies to Count On

Aligning with a dependable game art outsourcing company, such as ourselves, paves the path to project success, propelling it substantially toward completion. The visual element, a vital component in a […]

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2D Game Art Styles: The Ultimate Guide

Content Pixel art Vector art Cutout art Cel shading art Monochromatic art Flat art Doodle art Major video game releases invariably draw a sea of interest, often spurring a barrage […]

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2D Art Techniques to Make Your Product Inspiring

As understood from the term itself, 2D art encompasses artworks created and perceived in a two-dimensional space. Modern artists refer to a plethora of intricate techniques to produce this type […]

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How 2D and 3D Art & Animation Outsourcing Estimation Works

As you make the decision to outsource art creation to a partner like 3D-Ace, you’ll probably have more than a few questions about how everything works. Obviously, the art will only be created after both sides have agreed on the terms of cooperation, but what does this agreement look like?

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7 Golden Rules for Choosing an Outsourced Art and 3D Modeling Company

Any whim for your money, huh? In the world of outsourcing, this might be the most common promise outsourcing art and 3D modeling companies give to their clients. As somebody […]

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Drawing Background Picture For 2D Game: Methods Comparison

The background image is an important element of every 2D game. There are two ways to create such images which are based on 2D and 3D technologies. 3D-Ace covers the main features of this process.

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