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Everything You Need to Know to Outsource Product Animation

It’s safe to say that animation has become the norm in terms of presenting products, characters, and objects in a dynamic and spectacular way. We see it in our games, […]

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3D Modeling for Video Games: How to Create Beautiful Assets

3D modeling is one of the most demanding aspects of game development. In fact, many would call it the single most demanding, considering that a mid-scope game will need thousands of unique assets, and more ambitious ones (think Skyrim) will have tens of thousands. Obviously, not all 3D models will require the same amount of time and effort to make, but this is still an immense amount of work!

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VFX in Games: Add a Pinch of Magic to Your Gameplay

Is VFX a special effect, or is it a simple animation? Everyone would probably agree that VFX is somehow related to graphics and explosions and other effects that most of us love in games. But what is actually behind this term, and how does designing VFX for games work? It’s important to know the correct answers to these questions when developing any kind of game: mobile, PC, VR, etc.

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Polygon and Spline Modeling: Know The Difference

Digital projects such as game development, animation design, and software architecting usually go hand-in-hand with 3D modeling. In turn, 3D models can be created in different ways to achieve flawless […]

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How Long Does It Take to Create a 3D model?

In this article, you’ll learn the main stages of 3D modeling and what can impact the modeling timescale. Finally, we will look at the average estimated time spent on creating a 3D model and how to speed up the process with custom 3D modeling services.

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How to Make Textures for 3D models: Basics and Tips

One of the vital stages of 3D development is modeling, which means building models of characters, animals, and assets in games, animations, and apps. So what’s the most crucial thing […]

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Types of 3D Modeling: Choosing the Right One

This article will example the key types of 3D modeling and which modeling approach you should use in which situation. We will also help you find top-notch custom 3D modeling services for your particular project.

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How 2D and 3D Art & Animation Outsourcing Estimation Works

As you make the decision to outsource art creation to a partner like 3D-Ace, you’ll probably have more than a few questions about how everything works. Obviously, the art will only be created after both sides have agreed on the terms of cooperation, but what does this agreement look like?

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The definitive manual on 3d product visualization

This article will introduce you to the exciting world of 3D product configuration and product modeling. In it, you can find everything you need to start making your own visualizations of stunning quality.

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How Much Does 2D Animation Cost? Your Questions Answered

As a studio that provides 2D and 3D animation services on a regular basis, we are well equipped to answer this question for you and many others, too. With luck, our insights will set you on the path to smart financial planning of your animation project.

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Physically-based Rendering: Using PBR for games, animations, and more

Hopefully, by the time you finish reading, you will be prepared to make amazing PBR content of your own, or at least hire PBR artists with these qualifications. If you’re just curious and want to know how PBR works, don’t worry. We’ll cover it in this intro to physically-based rendering.

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What You Need to Create Augmented Reality Content for eCommerce

Nowadays, the competition between various stores and vendors feels like a battlefront. While the battles were once fought through malls and brick-and-mortar store chains, most of the fighting is now taking place online. For eCommerce vendors, simply running an online store is not enough to get a competitive edge – you also have to offer customers something others cannot.

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Character Rigging: How, Why, and Where You Can Use It

Since the 1980s, rigging has been the gold standard in character animation. Unsurprisingly, this is also when 3D animation started to take off, and production companies started making a real […]

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What Is 3D Sculpting And Where Can You Use It?

If the greatest artists of the past millennium were to see the wonders being achieved with 3D models today, they would undoubtedly be gobsmacked. 3D objects and models in exciting […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Character 3D Modeling

There are few ways to connect with people on an emotional level better than giving them a character to empathize with. Wherever they are deployed, 3D characters serve as a […]

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