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All You Should Know About Virtual Reality Animation

To start with, let’s admit that animation and virtual reality can’t live without each other because the primary purpose of digital environments consists in mimicking actual life. So, what truth […]

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What Is CGI Animation and How Can It Be Used?

The entertainment industry members know that producing digital products like movies and games takes massive effort and budget to make scenes realistic. However, it’s necessary to make an audience believe […]

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Effective 3D Visualization Techniques for Better Product Presentation

What is 3D visualization? This term refers to the process of creating a volumetric digital model of a real-life object or one that isn’t produced yet. Still, it’s a very […]

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Cleaning Up a 3D Scan: Will It Replace Modeling?

The pace of technological evolution continually pushes the IT industry forward, often stimulating discussions about whether this or that solution is about to discard the need in a previous one. […]

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What Is 3D Modeling Used For? Your Questions Answered

Most people consider 3D modeling a fruit of technological progress, which gives us many opportunities to express ideas better, optimize business, and creation outstanding art. Earlier we could imagine a […]

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2D Art Techniques to Make Your Product Inspiring

As understood from the term itself, 2D art encompasses artworks created and perceived in a two-dimensional space. Modern artists refer to a plethora of intricate techniques to produce this type […]

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How to Make Realistic 3D Models that Excite

Considering current trends in the video gaming industry and innovative solutions brought about by engines like Unreal, a photorealistic look of 3D models becomes a new standard of quality. In […]

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How to Create Metaverse Avatars: A Business Perspective

It took one resonant rebranding case to launch a global race for metaverses. Following the CEO of Facebook, who announced the company’s rebranding to Meta and its subsequent corporate strategy […]

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Low-Poly Graphics in Games: Principles and Examples

Do you want to create an exciting game, putting less time into the development process, or are you just into more simple graphics? Then the low-poly video games are a […]

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A Technical Artist for Hire: How to Identify a Professional

Plenty of industries require complex visualization and unique art content for work. However, despite the type of project you are working on, you can’t go far without a proficient technical […]

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Why Making Art for NFT Is a Rewarding Initiative

Having blown up the entire digital industry, today NFTs help artists and collectors find one another in the web of zeros and ones, let alone get extremely rich sometimes. Sounds […]

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10 Best Game Art Outsourcing Companies to Count On

Partnering with a reliable game art outsourcing company is already a reason to consider your project halfway through its way toward success. As one of the most meaningful parts of […]

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The Main Animation Trends: What Rocks in 2022

Animated products have gained popularity in entertainment, marketing, education, and other industries. Since animation has become an effective way of communication, this field is constantly developing, looking for new, better […]

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Video Game Character Design: Cutaway View

Whether you own a game development studio or work on your indie project, the truth remains untouched — a coherent pipeline is a must. So, what makes up the bulk […]

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Character Animation: Basics and Helpful Tips

Thanks to art and animation (and, of course, the internet), humanity has invented a new way of communication, simplifying the conveying of ideas among people worldwide. And each piece of […]