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3D Modeling Techniques in Games 2024

3D modeling is a rather complex and expensive process and hardly any game can be made without it. Various tools are at the artists' disposal to project their glance of how the world should look. We are ready to shed some light on the prominent techniques that are regularly used.

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8 Amazing Examples of Interactive 3D Catalogs by Famous Brands

Let’s check how famous bands take advantage of innovative technologies to spread their 3D product catalogs among potential clients and increase sales.

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Best Animation Tools in 2017: Top 6 Most Powerful Software

Since the Dark Ages, humanity tried to visualize different scenes that people witness in everyday life. It all began with a 5000-year-old cup picturing a jumping goat, and it made the first significant progress in animation technology.

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The Top 3 Tools for Novice, Proficient and Advanced 3D Designers

The market is flooded with great and lacklustre software for 3D design. We’ve sorted through them all and broken down which are the best for each level of programmer, according to the software’s price, speciality and power.

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3D Modeling: VR-based Apps vs. The Desktop Classics? Our Verdict

No longer constricted to conventional methods, 3D art design can now be done on virtual reality devices. How will this affect software and game developers? We weigh the strengths and weaknesses and deliver you the verdict.

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Why Should 3D printing Need to Be Taken Into Consideration?

The popularity of 3D printing increases day by day. What do we know about this technology? How to create the perfect 3D model for 3D printing? In this article, we analyze the key factors of successful 3D printing implementation.

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Drawing Background Picture For 2D Game: Methods Comparison

The background image is an important element of every 2D game. There are two ways to create such images which are based on 2D and 3D technologies. 3D-Ace covers the main features of this process.

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Popular Modeling Methods in Filming and Gaming Industry

There is a wide range of 3D modeling techniques. But which of them will be most suitable exactly for your project? 3D-Ace analyzes main features of 3D modeling methods for filming and gaming industry.

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Popular Renderers in 3D Graphics

Render engine is the important tool in 3D modeling. Among the huge variety of render engines, you need to choose the most suitable exactly for your project. 3D-Ace team introduces the most popular engines for rendering process.

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Choosing The Best 3D Software For Assets Creation

What 3D software should you choose for assets creation? Which tool will provide the most incredible effect? In this article we'll analyze the most popular 3D software solutions.

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How to Optimize Environment 3D Models in Unity3D

With help of computer simulators and other training interactive 3D applications in today’s world you can get a large amount of practical knowledge. And this has become possible thanks to […]

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How to Create “Live” Renders to Sell Real Estate

One of the key moments of 3D rendered images of residential property to potential buyers is the emotional impact on potential buyers produced by this render. To elicit the emotions of potential buyers is what all real-estate brokers are striving for. How to get this emotional outburst and why is it so important?

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Why a Good Render is Worth a 1,000 Words

How would you as a real estate sales manager describe a house or other real estate object that hasn’t been built yet to potential buyers or investors? As a soaring, spacious, gourmet or open floor plan? Then be ready to get rejected as most people are no more satisfied with laudatory epithets and 2D drawings.

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Why to Use 3D Simulators to Illustrate Industrial Processes?

Advances in computer technology today impose high requirements not only to the quality of products, but also to the ways companies present their products and interact with customers. Manufacturing enterprises producing complex engineering solutions are not an exception.

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How 3D Can Boost Your Online Sales

Sales, sales, sales... Selling online you can easily get lost among hundreds of nearly identical stores, whose product pages look generally the same - prices, descriptions, delivery terms, photos. What is the likelihood that the buyer will land the sale on your online store?

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