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Concept art services we provide

3D-Ace is rich in experienced artists who master skills to provide you with any form of art you may ever need. We can frame your ideas into pixelated 2D worlds or hyper-realistic settings — the choice is yours. And it is almost limitless.

Character concept art

Environment concept art

Level Design Concept

Concepts of Vehicles, Weapons, and Props

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How we create concept art

We view the universal secret to success in carefully listening to our clients and reading between the lines. Our concept art outsourcing studio takes time and prepares for all the work beforehand. 3D-Ace’s team follows the best pipelines to keep delivering only supreme art quality.


At the start of our cooperation, we learn your requirements toward the project and perform our own internal analysis of what it will take from our side and how we can allocate resources and time.

References and planning

After making sure we are fully equipped to handle your project, our artists collect any relevant references and additional information about the concept art for you. Then the team creates a document outlining the scope of work and its structure.

Preliminary work

When the workflow has been approved by both parties, our team can provide sketches for your concept art to gauge whether the style and art direction meet your expectations. If anything is not a close match, we can quickly adjust all the things.

Art production

Our artists get to work by creating fully-fledged concept artworks, using approaches like 2D digital painting, drawing, and the like.


We deliver concept art assets in a form that best suits your needs. Furthermore, we can provide additional services like character design, animation, implementation in software, and skinning.

Why choose us for concept art creation

3D-Ace has been in the business of creating custom art for over two decades. You will have a hard time finding another provider with as many benefits as our team has. Talented artists, time-proven workflows, and an impressive portfolio — we have everything you need to end up with superb concept art.


Quantity is no issue

We house a large and enthusiastic team ready to work at the peak of performance, creating art in practically any quantity with no limitations.


Adaptive and flexible

When project circumstances change, you can count on us to roll with the changes and keep everything moving, even if it means scaling the design team up or down.


Full-scale support

Our studio not only employs qualified artists but also 3D modelers, animators, tech artists, and other experts. This allows us to address your business needs far beyond simply providing art.

Our Technology Expertise in Concept Art

Our team of artists has a wide array of software and hardware at its disposal, allowing them to create 2D art at peak efficiency. They are also armed with years of experience in designing for different forms of media and industries.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

After Effects

Adobe After Effects


Adobe XD




Why outsource concept art?

Working with a partner that produces custom concept art for you will enable your business to freely pursue other tasks, saving both time and money. A good art service provider will always jump into projects quickly and keep only the most capable artists on the payroll, allowing projects to progress with minimal delays and bottlenecks. Given the strong guarantees provided and documented by most partners, this is also a safer business model for hiring than recruiting freelancers, for example. Some partners even provide specialists that directly join and work with your team, augmenting it. Given the strong guarantees provided and documented by most partners, this is also a safer business model for hiring than recruiting freelancers, for example. Some partners even provide specialists that directly join and work with your team, augmenting it.
Yes, we do. If you already have a finished design for a character and want to use it in a broader piece of art (like a scene or an environment), we will be more than happy to complete this work for you. You can rely on our artwork to have a solid level of detail and explore the concepts you have in mind. Additionally, if you want your character to be depicted in various settings/biomes/etc., we will surely provide this variety of options.
As many as it takes. We have a fine-tuned process of quality assurance within our team, so any content delivered to you is already evaluated and brought to a satisfactory level of quality. Nevertheless, if the art does not meet your expectations, we can apply revisions and go back to the drawing board whenever necessary. Our priority implies making sure you receive only the most polished assets that help you achieve sustainable business goals.

Our clients speak

Guvenc Sahin

Owner of Vector Games

3D-Ace created high-quality 3D models of characters and weapon units for our game. The team worked in a perfect harmony, and every member of it from artists to managers is incredible. They work fast and professionally. 3D-Ace is the best choice for outsourcing needs.

Tim Ransom

President at Visual Thunder Media

3D-ACE has delivered excellent quality 3D modeling work for us on budget and on time. As a demanding client with precision expectations, I am pleased that they rise to the bar each time we challenge them.

Matijs de Haard

Operational Manager at 3DIMERCE

We did an advertising 3D video animation of medicines for a pharmaceutical company with 3D-Ace. I’ve known them for years as a company with good pricing and speed, broad skillset and sufficient size to take on larger projects if needed.

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