One of the key moments of 3D rendered images of residential property to potential buyers is the emotional impact on potential buyers produced by this render. To elicit the emotions of potential buyers is what all real-estate brokers are striving for.

How to get this emotional outburst and why is it so important?


The first “must” of any 3D-rendered image of residential property or city district is people. Use only high-quality materials from trusted sources. Models of people should look realistic and perform certain actions: walking, running, sitting on a bench, reading a book, talking. Put spirit into models of people to enliven the overall environment. The presence of people in renders allows to experience the street life and adds emotions – at the end you will get a really ‘live’ picture. This vividness will make everyone look at the render of residential property or city districts as something already existing.  The use of realistic, vivid sketches resembling the life of target audience is a very effective marketing ploy, which significantly affects the willingness of customers to make a purchase.


To make a render look realistic work out all details of interior and exterior design, pay attention to infrastructure elements such as summerhouses, recreation areas, playgrounds, small architectural forms, benches and so on.

3D models of plants and trees contribute to the positive atmosphere of a render, making it vivid and realistic. But do not overload the environment with different elements; leave some space for customer’s imagination.

Car fleet

Be sure to use adequate vehicles. As a rule, cars and other vehicles are added taking into account the category and class of property:

  • if depicted property is of economy class, then surrounding and parking area should be occupied with simple inexpensive cars;
  • if the modeled premises are of premium segment, it is preferable to build in expensive cars.

This approach allows to create the most believable environment that will look relevant to real life. Use high-quality 3d models of vehicles that will not stand out on general background.


Of course, lighting is of great importance for any 3D-rendered image. But when it comes to the rendered images of residential areas or premises – lighting is everything. Thanks to properly adjusted light and shadows, each object fits perfectly in the environment and looks natural in the space. Proper lighting makes objects and details become volumetric and almost tangible.

There is one more aspect worth mentioning – a night visualization, which is very effective and efficient in some cases: on the one hand, it creates a positive and moody image, and on the other hand – it quite specifically visualizes the way of how the night-time lighting will be organized within the entire apartment complex or the whole district. Warm light of night windows and street illumination will beautifully convey the cozy atmosphere of a residential area.

So, what is it all about?

People used to trust what they see and not what they hear – this is one of the main rules of intelligent marketing. 3d renders decorated with the smallest details look very realistic, and people instinctively perceive them as really existing objects. Even if a house or an apartment complex is not built yet, and there is only a drawing of it, thanks to quality 3D renders the life goes full swing on its territory. People looking at the renders will start to associate themselves with people “living” in those building and thus, will be filled with desire to become a part of it.


As we know, successful purchases are overfilled with emotions. Only emotional buying leads to joyful parting with money! Therefore it is very important to provide this emotional charge; as a result people will be willing to become a part of created fairy tale.

Quality 3D renders prompt people to make one step forward in a positive purchasing direction.

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