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Top 6 Styles for 3D Art Development

A breakdown of the six major art styles for 3D development. Key emphasis is put upon the advantages each offers to specific projects, ranging from the gaming world to the enterprise and retail sectors.

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How to Create Metaverse Avatars: Crafting Your Virtual Identity

Launching a global race for the metaverse took one resonant rebranding case. Following the CEO of Facebook, who announced the company’s rebranding to Meta and its subsequent corporate strategy toward […]

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Advanced 3D Model Rendering Techniques for Stunning Visuals

As technological advancements continue to drive innovation, computer-generated imagery (CGI) has found a critical role across a plethora of industries, spanning from game development to automotive design, healthcare, and architectural […]

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What Is CGI Animation and How Can It Be Used?

The digital entertainment landscape, which encompasses cinema and gaming, is defined by its painstaking dedication to crafting realistic scenes and engaging experiences. The production of these digital products often necessitates […]

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10 Best Game Art Outsourcing Companies to Count On

Aligning with a dependable game art outsourcing company, such as ourselves, paves the path to project success, propelling it substantially toward completion. The visual element, a vital component in a […]

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2D Game Art Styles: The Ultimate Guide

Content Pixel art Vector art Cutout art Cel shading art Monochromatic art Flat art Doodle art Major video game releases invariably draw a sea of interest, often spurring a barrage […]

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The Best Free 3D Modeling Software in 2024

In the early days of 3DM (three-dimensional modeling), a limited variety of commercial programs was available, and they were anything but free. Programs like Sketchpad, 3DS Max, AutoCAD were groundbreaking and allowed the Autodesk company (which you will hear mentioned again) to get an early grasp on the industry. Let's explore it together.

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Top 3D Modeling Companies for Efficient Business Partnership

Nowadays, the implementation range of 3D modeling is extensive. Companies operating in creative industries like game development or filmmaking are the primary consumers of 3D modeling services, but not the […]

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DesignRush Featured 3D-Ace Among Top 3D Modeling and Animation Companies

We are honored to announce that 3D-Ace is now on the DesignRush lists of Top 3D Animation Production Companies and Top 3D Modeling Companies. This ranking means a lot to […]

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3D Model Rigging: The Meaning and Particularities of the Process

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that the characters in a new video game or cartoon feel so real? Mostly, the top-notch job of 3D artists is responsible for that […]

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How to Create NFT Art: Crafting Unique Digital Masterpieces

Creating NFT art is still a privilege of geeks and tech-savvy digital artists willing to expand their audience online or enter some Tweeter community. Although the technology has already been […]

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How to Make 3D NFT Art for Businesses?

NFTs have recently become incredibly popular, it isn’t already big news. While most of them are created in two dimensions, many enthusiasts continue to wonder how to create 3D art […]

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Experienced NFT Artist for Hire: Transforming Ideas into Digital Masterpieces

Starting an NFT project takes significant investments and effort to make a product that should get ahead of hundreds of competitors on the market. Luckily, a highly qualified NFT artist […]

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All You Should Know About Virtual Reality Animation

To start with, let’s admit that animation and virtual reality can’t live without each other because the primary purpose of digital environments consists in mimicking actual life. So, what truth […]

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Effective 3D Visualization Techniques for Better Product Presentation

3D visualization stands as a pivotal technique in digital design, encapsulating the art of transforming ideas or yet-to-be-realized concepts into volumetric digital models that mirror real-life objects or envision those […]

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