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3D Model Optimization: Everything You Need To Know

People are often surprised by how long it takes to make a detailed 3D model and how difficult the process can be. This is fair, given the numerous days (and […]

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3D Modeling for Engineering: A Priceless Tool

Could you imagine having to send a letter each time you wanted to communicate with someone far away? Tools like SMS and online messaging have changed the communication game so […]

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3D Modeling Rates & Cost: Estimating Your Project

When it comes to games and digital media production, creating 3D models and other 3D content makes up a huge amount of the total time spent on the project, certainly […]

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What Are the Different Types of Concept Art? A Deep Dive

Just like we have to walk before we can run, artists have to sketch before they can paint. This is a bit of a crude analogy, but it illustrates the […]

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How to Outsource 3D Modeling and Benefit From It

Usually, 3D models are the most effective way to visualize a concept and present goods. That’s why many digital products like video games, cinematics, ads, and commercial websites require 3D […]

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How to Make Character Concept Art: A Step-by-Step Guide

Concept art is a stage of content creation that many companies forget about. This is a shame, because it is just as important as designing an architecture plan before starting […]

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Frame-by-Frame Animation

Every person familiar with modern media products (films, commercials, gifs, and YouTube videos) has encountered frame-by-frame animation. Many people are used to thinking that animation is a digital image that […]

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The Difference Between 3D Modeling And 3D Rendering Explained

3D modeling and rendering may seem like the same processes because both of them are related to the creation of computer-generated imagery creation. However, there are many differences between them, […]

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Photorealistic Rendering: The Best Way to Create Stunning Images

Over the past decade, our gadgets have been getting progressively stronger hardware. Accordingly, we expect more from the media we consume through them: more details in our photos and images, […]

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Different Rendering Techniques: Choosing The Best Option for You

Rendering is an important business tool used in marketing, presentations, and visualization of various projects. Photorealistic and animated images that are rendered require different techniques, depending on the quality requirements […]

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Ready to animate? Start with the best 2D Animation Software

Software (also known as programs and applications) is a major help to animators all over the world, including those who work with two-dimensional graphics. This kind of animation is most often associated with children’s cartoons of the past century, but the popularity and prevalence of 2D animation software did not wane after we began to harness the benefits of 3D.

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Everything You Need to Know to Outsource Product Animation

It’s safe to say that animation has become the norm in terms of presenting products, characters, and objects in a dynamic and spectacular way. We see it in our games, […]

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3D Modeling for Video Games: How to Create Beautiful Assets

3D modeling is one of the most demanding aspects of game development. In fact, many would call it the single most demanding, considering that a mid-scope game will need thousands of unique assets, and more ambitious ones (think Skyrim) will have tens of thousands. Obviously, not all 3D models will require the same amount of time and effort to make, but this is still an immense amount of work!

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VFX in Games: Add a Pinch of Magic to Your Gameplay

Is VFX a special effect, or is it a simple animation? Everyone would probably agree that VFX is somehow related to graphics and explosions and other effects that most of us love in games. But what is actually behind this term, and how does designing VFX for games work? It’s important to know the correct answers to these questions when developing any kind of game: mobile, PC, VR, etc.

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Polygon and Spline Modeling: Know The Difference

Digital projects such as game development, animation design, and software architecting usually go hand-in-hand with 3D modeling. In turn, 3D models can be created in different ways to achieve flawless […]

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