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Cleaning Up a 3D Scan: Will It Replace Modeling?

The pace of technological evolution continually pushes the IT industry forward, often stimulating discussions about whether this or that solution is about to discard the need in a previous one. […]

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What Is 3D Modeling Used For? Your Questions Answered

Most people consider 3D modeling a fruit of technological progress, which gives us many opportunities to express ideas better, optimize business, and creation outstanding art. Earlier we could imagine a […]

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2D Art Techniques to Make Your Product Inspiring

As understood from the term itself, 2D art encompasses artworks created and perceived in a two-dimensional space. Modern artists refer to a plethora of intricate techniques to produce this type […]

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How to Make Realistic 3D Models that Excite

Considering current trends in the video gaming industry and innovative solutions brought about by engines like Unreal, a photorealistic look of 3D models becomes a new standard of quality. In […]

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A Technical Artist for Hire: How to Identify a Professional

Plenty of industries require complex visualization and unique art content for work. However, despite the type of project you are working on, you can’t go far without a proficient technical […]

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The Main Animation Trends: What Rocks in 2024

Animated products have gained popularity in entertainment, marketing, education, and other industries. Since animation has become an effective way of communication, this field is constantly developing, looking for new, better […]

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Video Game Character Design: Creating a Stunning Character

Whether you own a game development studio or work on your indie project, the truth remains untouched — a coherent pipeline is a must. So, what makes up the bulk […]

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Character Animation: Basics and Helpful Tips 2024

Artistic expression through animation, coupled with the expansive reach of the internet, has paved the way for a novel method of communication, enhancing the ease of sharing ideas globally. Every […]

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What a Virtual Museum Is And Why It Is Better To Develop Online Tours

Many factors like pandemics or disasters of another kind may become barriers to visiting museums or a reason for losing valuable artifacts. For example, we all heard the distressing news of the Notre Dame de Paris being fiercely damaged by the fire that lasted for 15 hours.

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3D Modeling for Pre-rendering Explained

When it comes to media production, there is no doubt that pre-rendering is a highly-popular approach. For example, it is what allowed you to enjoy the beauty of the most […]

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How to Create 3D Interior Designs That Look Stunning

Long gone are the days when designs for buildings, rooms, and facilities were presented exclusively on paper. Though physical copies of blueprints, drawings, sketches, etc. are still available and used […]

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3D Model Optimization: Everything You Need To Know

People are often surprised by how long it takes to make a detailed 3D model and how difficult the process can be. This is fair, given the numerous days (and […]

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3D Modeling for Engineering: A Priceless Tool

Could you imagine having to send a letter each time you wanted to communicate with someone far away? Tools like SMS and online messaging have changed the communication game so […]

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3D Modeling Rates & Cost: Estimating Your Project

When it comes to games and digital media production, creating 3D models and other 3D content makes up a huge amount of the total time spent on the project, which […]

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What Are the Different Types of Concept Art? A Deep Dive

Just like we have to walk before we can run, artists have to sketch before they can paint. This is a bit of a crude analogy, but it illustrates the […]

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