Aligning with a dependable game art outsourcing company, such as ourselves, paves the path to project success, propelling it substantially toward completion. The visual element, a vital component in a competitive game, captures the initial attention of players, prompting comparisons of your product against others, whether for its photorealistic or cartoonish style.

Top-tier AAA game studios, including Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and Rovio, acknowledge the importance of commencing a new project with concept art. High-quality art not only enriches the game’s aesthetics and ambiance but also serves as a robust reference for 3D modelers. As such, these global studios regard outsourcing game assets from game art outsourcing companies as a primary strategy for optimizing their internal resources.

After reading this article, you’ll gain enough insight to decide what art outsource studio perfectly matches your brand and business model. Equipped with our cherry-picked information, you’ll be able to make more research-based decisions regarding what outsourcing company to partner with. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

How to Choose Responsible Game Art Outsourcing Companies?

Game Art Outsourcing Company

The benefits of collaborating with a proficient game art outsourcing studio extend far beyond meeting deadlines or efficient resource allocation. The right partner will not only cover these bases but also contribute significantly to the success of your game development process. However, the pressing question remains: How to choose the ideal game outsourcing company?

Earlier, 3D-Ace provided a comprehensive guide on how to choose a game outsourcing company. In this piece, we aim to condense the information, presenting a succinct, actionable plan.

Here are three expedited steps to identify an art outsourcing company that aligns perfectly with your brand identity:

  • Industry research. Begin by exploring the game development and game art outsourcing industry. Compile a list of potential art outsourcing companies for partnership. Luckily, we’ve already conducted this research for you.
  • Profile study. Use independent data-driven platforms like Clutch or GoodFirms to scrutinize the profiles of your shortlisted game art outsourcing companies. These platforms provide unbiased reviews and ratings, which can offer valuable insights. We’ve already executed this step for you as well.
  • Cost-benefit analysis. Evaluate the potential benefits against the costs associated with each of the shortlisted game art outsourcing companies. After careful assessment, settle on the company that offers the best value for your game development process. We leave this crucial step for you.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the strengths of each potential outsourcing company. By doing so, we aim to simplify your decision-making process in choosing the right game art outsourcing partner. Their experience, expertise, and compatibility with your brand can significantly influence the quality of your games and the overall success of your game development projects.

The Best Game Art Outsourcing Companies List

No matter whether you look for a 2D or 3D game art outsourcing studio, you can start your search from here by reviewing the list of options we’ve carefully picked for you. These 10 studios have been selected based on our in-depth research on such platforms as Clutch, GoodFirms, and DesignRush. Conscious and critical googling has also allowed us to compile the list of game art outsourcing companies to pay attention to.

1. 3D-Ace

3D-Ace logo

Country: Ukraine
Number of employees: 51-200
Specialty: 3D and 2D content production, VR, animation, VFX, UI, visualization

As a B2B leader in custom art production, 3D-Ace is capable of accomplishing the most complex and demanding tasks for AAA game art studios. With a strong and diverse portfolio that includes artworks for slot games, 2D and 3D products, VFX, UI, animation, and the like, the company continues to accumulate experience to take on more ambitious projects.

Having profound expertise in working with outsourced 2D and 3D animation, artists housed by 3D-Ace are technically prepared to produce any kind of art you may require for game development. Just like its parent company Program-Ace and another brand subdivision Game-Ace, this art studio has gained global recognition as a steady partner.

With 13 years of experience, the company has amassed a strong portfolio that includes work with Unity, Wargaming, GSN Games, Namco, Bigpoint, Pixomondo, Sany Group, and other industry giants. If you decide to go with 3D-Ace as an outsourcing company, you’ll certainly find yourself surprised by how fast and quality game art production can be!

2. Nuare Studio

Nuare Studio logo

Country: Canada
Number of employees: 51-200
Specialty: 3D and 2D content production, animation, visualization

Established in 2006, Nuare Studio has firmly established itself as a key player in game art outsourcing. The company specializes in various crucial areas within the industry, including promotional art, rigging, animation, and the integration of 3D models into widely-used platforms like Unity and Unreal Engine. Their expertise significantly contributes to the dynamic landscape of game development, facilitating creation of engaging and immersive games.

Beyond its primary focus on game art outsourcing, Nuare Studio boasts a diverse service portfolio. They have ventured into artificial intelligence (AI) and web development, demonstrating their proficiency in the broader tech landscape. The company also offers cross-platform porting services, further enhancing the accessibility and reach of games across multiple platforms.

With its impressive array of services, Nuare Studio has garnered the attention and trust of renowned AAA studios. The company has produced art for industry titans such as Capcom, Gameloft, and Bethesda. These collaborations testify to Nuare’s competence in game art outsourcing.

Furthermore, Nuare Studio’s contributions extend to several acclaimed video games, including Fallout 76 and The Last of Us Part II. These games are recognized not only for their engaging gameplay but also for their outstanding art and design aspects, further validating Nuare’s impact in the field of game art outsourcing.

When considering how to choose a game outsourcing company, one must consider the company’s track record, versatility, and breadth of services. Nuare Studio ticks all these boxes, making it an attractive option for any entity seeking excellence in game development and game art outsourcing.

3. 1518 Studios

1518 Studios logo

Country: US, California
Number of employees: 51-200
Specialty: 3D and 2D content production, animation, visualization

1518 Studios, acquired by PTW in 2021, operates as a 3D art creation and game development studio whose specialty involves focusing on illustrations, UI, concept and logo design, as well as cinematics. Interestingly, the studio cooperated with Brainseed Factory and Redemption Games.

Having worked on such games as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, 1518 Studios can become a perfect match for many organizations willing to outsource game art to professionals.

4. Concept Art House

Concept Art House logo

Country: China / US
Number of employees: 100+
Specialty: 3D and 2D content production, animation, visualization

Concept Art House, established in 2007, has made a name for itself in the field of game art outsourcing. Initially founded in Shanghai, China, the company’s primary focus was on 2D art production. However, as the company transformed into a US organization, it broadened its horizons to include 3D services, demonstrating its adaptability and eagerness to evolve in the ever-changing landscape of game development.

In the realm of game art, Concept Art House has an impressive track record. The company has collaborated on several globally acclaimed game titles, including Fortnite, Hearthstone, and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. These high-profile projects not only underscore the company’s prowess in game art outsourcing but also demonstrate its capability to contribute to games that resonate with a wide audience.

Despite its solid grounding in game art outsourcing, Concept Art House isn’t limited to this niche. The company has effectively branched out into other exciting tech sectors. Notably, they have made significant strides in the domain of Virtual Reality (VR) products. Their capacity to diversify their service offerings reaffirms their position as one of the prominent art outsourcing companies in the industry.

This rich blend of experience, adaptability, and diversity makes Concept Art House a compelling choice for those seeking game art outsourcing services. The company’s notable contributions to game development and its impressive portfolio of projects underline its standing in the industry. Whether it’s creating evocative visuals for a new game or bringing a unique VR concept to life, Concept Art House continues to push boundaries and set high standards in art outsourcing.

5. Bosi Art Studios

Bosi Art Studios logo

Country: China / US
Number of employees: 201-500
Specialty: 3D and 2D content production, animation, visualization

Headquartered in Shanghai, with an additional business hub in San Francisco, Bosi Art Studios holds a unique position in the global game development landscape. It operates as an adept game art outsourcing studio and an art training institute. This dual function allows Bosi Art Studios to engage directly with the game art community and maintain a finger on the pulse of the industry.

When it comes to game art, Bosi Art Studios has a remarkable portfolio of projects, solidifying its place among leading art outsourcing companies. Their reputation for producing top-tier game art is recognized by global brands, resulting in collaborations on an array of well-known titles. For instance, Bosi Art Studios’ involvement in the development of ‘New World’ by Amazon Games, Fortnite, Hearthstone, and Warcraft III: Reforged showcases their skillset and adaptability in game art production.

Yet, Bosi Art Studios is more than an outsourcing company. They have harnessed their expertise in game art to fuel an art training institute, providing an invaluable resource for the next generation of game developers. By doing so, they contribute to the evolution of the game development industry, ensuring a continual influx of fresh talent and ideas.

In a rapidly evolving industry, Bosi Art Studios’ commitment to both game development and education positions them as a forward-thinking company. Their track record of successful partnerships and their investment in training demonstrates a profound understanding of the game industry’s dynamics and future potential. These factors make Bosi Art Studios a prime choice for outsourcing game art and an important player in the broader game development ecosystem.

6. Art Bully Productions

Art Bully Productions logo

Country: US
Number of employees: 100+
Specialty: 3D and 2D content production, animation, visualization

Boasting a decade of industry expertise, Art Bully Productions stands out among leading game development entities, offering a comprehensive suite of services in 2D and 3D game art and animation. As a game outsourcing company, it specializes in the design of characters, weapons, and vehicles, mastering both low and high polygon modeling. This proficiency in the game art field is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and its ability to tackle complex challenges.

Art Bully Productions’ game art portfolio is rich and diverse, having contributed to notable games such as Rage 2 and Fortnite. The company’s robust reputation in game development extends beyond these projects, thanks to successful collaborations with leading game publishers such as Epic Games and Valve. Such partnerships have earned Art Bully Productions international recognition and helped cement its position among top art outsourcing companies.

The studio’s expertise is not confined to game art design alone. It has a remarkable skill set in keyframe animation, skinning, motion capture cleanup and rigging. These capabilities allow Art Bully Productions to provide holistic solutions in the game development process, further enhancing its value as an outsourcing partner.

Art Bully Productions, thus, emerges as an excellent choice for game development companies seeking to outsource game art and related tasks. With a proven track record and a broad skill set, this company stands ready to deliver outstanding solutions, from art design to complex animation projects.

7. Keywords Studios

Keywords Studios logo

Country: Ireland / Japan / Italy / others
Number of employees: 10 000+
Specialty: 3D and 2D content production, animation, UI, visualization

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Keywords Studios is one of the largest game and 3D art outsourcing companies worldwide. It can produce game-related art of any type and complexity due to high expertise as well as experience in the area. Founded in 1998, Keywords Studios perfectly deals with UI/UX, 2D and 3D art, concept art, animation, visual effects, etc.

Interestingly, Keywords Studios operates in 22 countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. Offering software engineering and art creation services, the company works with 16 game platforms across the globe.

8. Bon Art Studio

Bon Art Studio logo

Country: Ireland / Japan / Italy / others
Number of employees: 11-50
Specialty: 3D and 2D content production, animation, cinematics, visualization, development

Bon Art Studio was founded in 1998, making it an old-timer in the game art outsourcing industry. Particularly, the company offers full-cycle art and development solutions. Beginning with 3D art and animation as well as ending with cinematics, the studio is able to cover almost all of your outsourcing needs.

The achievement list of Bon Art Studio includes the cooperation with Capcom Vancouver, Rare, Propaganda Games, Gameloft, and Hesaw. More specifically, the company worked on Dead Rising 3, Sea of Thieves, Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned, and other big titles.

9. Rocket Brush

Rocket Brush logo

Country: Cyprus
Number of employees: 11-50
Specialty: 3D and 2D content production, animation, cinematics, visualization, development

With headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus, Rocket Brush has been operating in the game art outsourcing industry since 2016. From 2D concept art to complete 3D assets, the company takes on graphic design projects of any complexity, gradually earning global recognition. From low poly and casual game assets to UI design — Rocket Brush completes everything from start to finish.

10. AAA Game Art Studio

Image - AAA Game Art Studio

Country: Cyprus / US
Number of employees: 51-200
Specialty: 3D and 2D content production, animation, UI, visualization, development

With clients like Konami, Bandai Namco, and HarperCollins, AAA Game Art Studio accepts all challenges as long as they relate to game art outsourcing. Specializing in UI/UX, 2D and 3D art, as well as animation, the company continues to deliver high-quality game assets for any genre.

Positioned as a studio carrying out full art-style development, this outsourcing company heavily bets on transparent communication, advanced management, and timely work completion. Moreover, AAA Game Art Studio uses modern production pipelines to establish a smooth workflow, which, in turn, ensures better art quality and faster delivery speed.

True Benefits of Game Art Outsourcing

You might question the need for partnering with game art outsourcing companies. Why not handle everything in-house? The reasons are manifold, and many of them have been validated over time by large game development studios. To elucidate, let’s delve deeper into these benefits:

  • Resource optimization. Cooperation with game art outsourcing companies promotes cost-efficiency as it allows for a more optimal resource distribution across various departments in your company. It’s a strategy widely adopted in game development.
  • Promoting partnerships. WReliable partners contribute to the timely launch of your games, fostering a robust network that benefits game development in the long run.
  • Risk mitigation. Leveraging a partner’s expertise in art outsourcing amplifies the end quality of your product, fusing both experiences into a resilient alliance and minimizing the potential risks involved in game development.
  • Diversified content opportunities. Beyond hastening delivery speed, productive collaborations can significantly boost the volume of content in your games, resulting in a more immersive gaming experience for the end-users.
  • Encouraging market competition. Choosing an ally from game art outsourcing companies invigorates market competition, leading to an overall enhancement in the quality of services provided within the gaming industry.

By outsourcing game art, you gain more time and scope to concentrate on core aspects of game development, such as mechanics, storyline, optimization, and other pivotal elements that form the bedrock of a successful game product. Ultimately, even the largest AAA studios occasionally need to rely on art outsourcing companies, as complete in-house development of concept art, 3D assets, robust mechanics, etc., may not always be feasible.

Ultimately, the end-user seldom recognizes which game asset or artwork has been outsourced. Instead, their focus gravitates toward game feel, engaging mechanics, compelling narratives, vibrant characters, and other elements contributing to their overall gaming experience. Therefore, engaging with game art outsourcing companies becomes a strategic move in game development, with the potential to significantly influence the success of your games.

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Why You Should Opt for 3D-Ace Services

Given such a long list of international companies offering relatively similar game art outsourcing services, it’s obvious that someone may get confused. That’s why 3D-Ace is here to lend you a hand not only in game assets production but also to help you find out what best suits your business needs.

Our tech artists and other specialists are ready to provide you with anything you require to make your game truly superior to competitors. What you can do to start our cooperation is just send us a message and expect an immediate response. Let’s make an outstanding product together!