6 Reasons Why to Use 3D Modeling in Product Design

3D model can be a great multifunctional tool helping manufacturers and designers first design, then create and finally market and sell their products. Showcasing a product in 3D is the best alternative for spectacular presentation of a new product design or idea to other company members or potential customers. It allows quick changes in case when new ideas cross the mind and require minor or even major alterations.

Why Outsourcing to Ukraine is Good For Your Business?

As the global IT and Graphic Design industry spins up outsourcing seems to be as popular as never before. Today, when large corporations are no longer the only players and when smaller companies blossom, many businesses continue to choose outsourcing services as one of the best ways to do business. When coming to a decision to outsource the project many companies face another dilemma – what outsourcing destination to choose.

In-house vs Outsourcing 3D Artists

Every customer thinking of hiring a 3D artist should first of all consider different alternatives and decide what option is the best for him. For many types of businesses keeping 3D modeling or rendering services in-house is the most attractive option. However, if you are looking for cheaper alternative with fewer obligations, than outsourcing 3D content production company is the best fit-for-purpose solution.

3D Animation On the Rise? Trends For 2014

The rapid growth of 3D animation technologies and methods of creation and delivering 3D content leads to further improvement of 3D animation products and fuels creative minds behind them. New possibilities extend the boundaries of 3D animation application making it widely utilized by many areas, such as gaming, marketing, movie industry and even architecture and education. The prospects of 3D animation are truly massive. The following trends will continue to influence the growth of 3D animation in 2014.

Magic Wand of a 3D Artist or 7 Tools for Architectural Rendering

Today there are so many recognized tools people use to create awesome 3D renderings that sometimes it is difficult to understand what software is the best match for your purpose. Designers and other professionals from the construction industry use hand drawings few and far between, as attention-getting power of 3D renderings infatuated the audience and little space for traditional presentation of ideas and concepts. Today giant corporations such as Autodesk established themselves as a leading choice for the majority of 3D designers, architects, animations and other computer graphics professionals leaving little space for small companies developing and delivering 3D modeling software tools for architects and 3D designers.

How to Push Up Sales With Rendered 3D Floor Plans

rchitects and real estate professionals work every day with floor plans and know how much time and effort it may require to develop a floor plan that can impress potential clients. For all who think about building a house, the question of how it will look like in-and-out once it is finished is paramount. However, choosing house plans by trying to envision what two-dimensional lines on a page will look like when built can be a difficult, not to say a daunting task, and after a while all the plans look alike. Why not to simplify the task by providing 3D views for all house plans to help potential customers picture them living in the house.

Polygons vs Pixels: 3D Excluding Traditional Photos Out From Catalogs

Nowadays many companies prefer 3D technologies rather than traditional methods like photography for creating their marketing material. Most furniture manufacturers, clothing and homewear brands as well as tool production companies use 3D medium to create their catalogs and similar marketing materials. The technology allows now to digitally create any space and make wonderfully realistic images looking as good as photography and sometimes even better. For that reason many photo studios that specialized in interior and product shooting for brands turned into digital studios specializing in digital 3D image-making.

Freelance Artist VS Graphic Design Company

Working with a graphic design agency (or 2D/3D modeling and animation company) instead of a freelance artist can offer lots of advantages. However, this is not a one-way street, and there are always lots of important aspects to be taken into consideration.

There is not the only correct answer to the question as every artist and graphic design agency is unique and has its own work style which can fit different business needs.

Architectural Rendering as the Next Step to Bring the Vision to Fruition

As deliverables of design and drawing production stages real estate developers still get physical drawings, which present the design intent and quantity of objects. But investors or buyers are no more satisfied with flat 2D drawings of a building-to-be. They want to be captivated by the hyper-realistic architectural renderings that could hardly be distinguished from real photographs and give the real-feel of the premises at the design stage.

Tips, tricks, hints and helpers for organic modeling

For most people outside 3D industry 3D modeling appeared 20 years ago when Jurassic Park with its computer generated creatures came out. But we all know that 3D modeling and animation have a long history and was first used many decades ago to create fantasy creatures, characters and objects for animated and real-life motion pictures.


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