The Difference Between CAD and 3D Modeling

difference in 3d modeling

CAD software, such as AutoCAD, is used to create digital technical drawings and build 2D and 3D models. One of the main advantages of CAD software is the ability to function as a database for manufacturing purposes conveying information about the BOM (bill of materials) and realistic technical description of a product.

Why You May Want to Digitize Artifacts and Secure the World Heritage in a Virtual Museum

We all heard the distressing news of the Notre-Dame de Paris being fiercely damaged by the fire that lasted for 15 hours. The cathedral restoration is expected to last for 20 years or more. The major challenges of the restoration are the lack of in-detail visualization and engineering plans of such a complex historical building as well as the resources that the cathedral was made of.

7 Golden Rules for Choosing an Outsourced Art and 3D Modeling Company

Any whim for your money, huh? In the world of outsourcing, this might be the most common promise outsourcing art and 3D modeling companies give to their clients.

As somebody who may be running a business or is looking for custom 3D modeling services, you may want to make sure you’re choosing the right outsourced design company in order to save yourself a lot of money, time, and resources.   

Pipeline Workflow of a Sofa Creation Using Retopology

What if you want to retain a solid image quality in a high-poly character mesh and animate your in-game heroes at the same time? That is the case when a retopology should come to your mind and allow for a smooth process of creating physical actions patterns for your characters.

10 Amazing Low-Poly Graphics in Games

Low-poly games have to mostly rely on making great and addictive content in order to compensate for the visual austerity. Let's take a sneak peek at some of the most influential games that were ingenious enough to create a great experience without using contemporary tools and techniques.


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