architectural rendersAs deliverables of design and drawing production stages real estate developers still get physical drawings, which present the design intent and quantity of objects.  But investors or buyers are no more satisfied with flat 2D drawings of a building-to-be. They want to be captivated by the hyper-realistic architectural renderings that could hardly be distinguished from real photographs and give the real-feel of the premises at the design stage.

Get your message across to a client

With architectural 2D drawing you might be conveying the essence of a scheme, but a photorealistic architectural rendering is more evocative and is essentially about conveying a message. And this is what people expect today.

Quality architectural renderings are of prime importance for startups helping to promote their services and get noticed in the industry.

architectural renders

Say NO to low-rated renders

Today there are a lot of companies providing 3D modeling services for architectural and real estate sector. How not to make a wrong choice? What should you pay your attention to?

Creation of high-end architectural renders requires a certain set of skills, which are essential for photorealistic outcome:

  1. Foremost skill is fairly obvious, but still need to be mentioned – a fair knowledge of the software to be used. This can be any professional 3D modeling software like 3D Studio Max or Autodesk Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop for texturing, V-ray for rendering and Light Room for post-production. However the list is not limited by these few samples and a visualizer can use any software he finds appropriate for a specific task.
  2. Another valuable skill is an understanding of architecture. Along with proper understanding of technical drawings, a visualizer (or 3D artist) needs to have appreciation of the subject matter itself to grasp the subtleties of what is to be recreated.
  3. When it comes to creation of an architectural rendering, or simply speaking an image, it is insistently recommended to have at least an overall understanding of architectural photography.

Arm yourself with patience!

Architectural renders can make even a simple building look upscale and produce a strong impression. But have patience and try not to introduce the rendering to your client from the very outset. Make sure it is finished, looks photorealistic and corresponds to the initial customer requirements. Of course it takes time (from a few days to several months) to create a photorealistic architectural rendering, but that’s worth the effort.

Follow these instructions and you will understand yourself that photorealistic 3D-rendered image is a powerful marketing tool as it sparks the interest of a client and arouses a desire to see more and… to have the house built!

Why 3D-Ace

One of main specializations of 3D-Ace Studio is architectural visualization and rendering in 3D format. We produce both high-poly architectural renders for presentations, advertising, catalogs as well as low-poly architectural 3D assets for real-time applications, such as 3D walkthroughs/flythroughs, virtual trainings, ​games, interactive simulators, etc. 

Visit our Portfolio to find more examples of Architectural Visualization and Renders.