It’s no secret that Ukrainian software engineers are much in demand all over the world, thanks to high technical skills and expertise they own. Nowadays, Ukraine is rightly seen as one of the top outsourcing destinations for software projects in multiple areas including the gaming sector. But software and game development are not the only skills we are proud of. Did you know that Ukraine is home to incredibly talented digital artists who work in over 80 art studios throughout the country?

If you are a lapsed gamer, you should have definitely heard of Need For Speed, World of Tanks, Angry Birds, Lineage 2, EA NHL 11, and many other famous game titles that were partially made in Ukraine. Not only small and mid-sized companies choose Ukraine as a partner in digital art development but recognized world-brands, global game developers, and publishers such as Sony Online Entertainment and Disney trust the artwork on their next huge projects to Ukrainian studios. And not only because outsourcing to Ukraine is cost-effective, but because of the quality level that exceeds expectations.

To prove this, we’ve selected the top 10 clients of Ukrainian art studios that outsource art development to Ukraine.

1. Wargaming

Wargaming logo

The lion's share of digital artists who work on World of Tanks, World of Warships, and other popular game titles from their free-to-play MMO series are based out of Ukraine.  

With 15 studios all over the world and a central office in Minsk, Belarus, Wargaming also partners with several art teams from Ukraine to get compelling 3D models that satisfy the strict requirements specified by the Wargaming team. More than 7 million people play the Wargaming titles daily on different platforms, and it is a great responsibility to deliver 3D content for such a huge audience. Every slightest detail — starting from the geometry to the textures and lighting — should be very realistic and precise, not to mention that all technical requirements, specified in all 3D models, should be followed carefully.

3D-Ace, an art development subdivision of Program-Ace, is proud to have Wargaming among our clients. The team has successfully delivered high-quality 3D assets for the Xbox series.

2. Rovio

Rovio logo

A global entertainment company, developer of the famous Angry Birds games as well as the animation movie is another big-name client of Ukrainian art studios. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland and represented globally (Sweden, USA, UK, and China), Rovio Entertainment works closely with some digital art studios from Ukraine who provide high-quality art and 2D/3D animation outsourcing services.

With more than 100 million downloads, Angry Birds is one of the most popular mobile games of the decade. The success of the Angry Birds games depends largely on its visual style and addictive gameplay. Many gamers confirm that the interface is so engaging that you just cannot stop playing it. The Angry Birds mobile games are totally 2D with a parallax scrolling effect that adds a volumentic look and feel to the games, while some trailers for the Angry Birds series are animated in 3D. We are happy that Ukrainian talents are contributing to the success of this game.

3. Electronic Arts

Rovio logo

The second-largest gaming company in the US and Europe, based in California, has been working with multiple art teams from Ukraine for many years. Electronic Arts (EA) is notable for promoting artists and game developers who work on its titles, and they do not make a secret of the fact that they outsource a huge share of their art and development work to third-party studios.

Many outsourcers have successfully delivered eye-catching 3D models and animation in the AE-style for several gaming projects and made the game look visually-appealing and unmatched.

4. Outplay Entertainment

Outplay logo

With just about 200 people, Outplay is the largest independent mobile developer in the UK. The success of casual and mid-core games developed by Outplay Entertainment is based on three main principles, including high quality, engaging gameplay, and eye-catching designs.

To strengthen the internal team, they often work with external providers, including art studios from Ukraine, to produce the best art content in a wide range of styles.

The most popular games by Outplay are Castle Creeps, Mystery Match, and Crafty Candy.

5. Aeria Games

Aeria Games logo

Aeria Games is one of the top game publishers in Europe and globally, focusing on free-to-play MMO games for multiple platforms including mobile, browsers, and desktop. With only 200 employees, Aeria Games has gathered over 70 million players on their global gaming platform.

The most popular games - anime and fantasy MMORPGs for PC, strategies for mobiles and action MMORPGs for browsers - have immediately recognizable designs. The visual style of games by Aeria is unique with a beautiful and accurate drawing of details and modes.

Since the head office is located in Berlin, Germany, all management work, including the outsourcing regulations, is done from there. With the pedantry natural to Germans, they pay great attention to the quality of deliverables, timing, attention to detail, and the sophistication of drawings. It is very remarkable that some digital art studios from Ukraine are working with Aeria Games and delivering top quality art assets.

6. Blueprint Gaming

Blueprint Gaming

It is common knowledge that many Ukrainian studios are engaged in the development of slot games for multiple platforms. Another notable European game studio with it headquarters in the UK — Blueprint Gaming — is using the expertise of Ukrainian digital art studios in this field to get awesome 2D art and animation for their mobile and online slots, as well as land-based slot terminals.

Slot games are characterized by an integral art style that is normally very attractive and enriched with bright animations to attract more players and ensure the success of each slot game. Who knows which of the Blueprint Gaming hits were partially made in Ukraine, but all of them have absolutely stunning 2D and 3D designs.

Our team has vast experience in of art and animation outsourcing services for slots that allow for the delivery of unmatched visual content for mobiles, browsers, and land-based machines.

7. Zynga

Zynga Poker

Headquartered in San Francisco, Zynga is one of the leading developers and publishers of social games. Some of Zynga’s games have become a hit on social networks like Facebook and are played by millions of people daily. More than 400 million people have played the Farmville series and about 100 million people play Zynga Poker every day.

It’s a great honor for Ukrainian teams to work with such a notable game company on the creation of art and animation for games that are played across web and mobile platforms by such a huge community of players.

8. iWin, Inc.


iWin, Inc. is a leading publisher and producer of casual games for mobile, desktop, and browsers with over 100 titles and 75 million players who have been enjoying their games throughout the company’s existence.  The most popular casual games developed by iWin are Jewel Quest and Jojo’s Fashion Show.

As a distributor of games, iWin is partnering with multiple game development companies from all over the world. And as a game producer, iWin, Inc. is outsourcing art and game development to several studios from Ukraine to get the most out of remote cooperation.

9. TabTale


TabTale is a leader in the development of educational mobile games for kids with operations in 6 countries and one billion downloads in the app stores. Fresh and original content has brought TabTale to the top of mobile game publishers just in five years, thanks largely to regular updates and the attractive designs of the TabTale apps. TabTale releases fresh mobile apps for the whole family on a weekly basis. Such tight deadlines require a lot of effort from the internal development and art teams, as well as the support of outsourcing providers.

Art studios working with TabTale on a work-for-hire basis must prove they are capable of delivering art assets that meet the visual style of TabTale products and can work on all game art elements from concepts to illustrations and animations.

TabTale is outsourcing both 2D and 3D art development to many third-party studios, including Ukrainian providers.

10. NCsoft


NCsoft has started its route in the gaming industry as a developer of online games. Today, NCsoft is a top gaming and online company in Asia and a global leader in game publishing. The most popular MMORPG games developed by NCsoft are Lineage II and Aion.

Committed to bringing the best games to gamers all over the world, NCSoft also relies on external partners to create extraordinary content for a huge audience of players worldwide. Some of Ukrainian art studios have proved the ability to deliver unique and compelling art content that meets the strict requirements of the NCsoft team and have become a reliable outsourcing partner to the key leader in online games.


If you are looking for a long-term partner for your projects, there is no better place than Ukraine today.  Many big-name companies from the gaming sector entrust the development of art to Ukrainian teams who are passionate about games, digital art, the creative process, and everything in between.  

3D-Ace has been working with the most prominent game development and publishing companies and has proved to be a reliable producer of brilliant art work. Our team of concept artists, illustrators, 3D artists, and animators are committed to delivering art content of the highest quality. Both our creativity and high standards of professionalism have been appreciated by our clients and partners and are the key factors of our growth and success.

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