3d headsetSales, sales, sales … Only a stable high level of sales is able to provide a desirable income and prospects to online store.

No matter how obvious it may seem, not everyone can achieve the desired level of sales due to excessive competition.

Selling online you can easily get lost among hundreds of nearly identical stores, whose product pages look generally the same – prices, descriptions, delivery terms, photos. What is the likelihood that the buyer will land the sale on your online store?

Make It Different And Win the Struggle

We all understand how important it is to stand out among the crowd of same-type stores, especially on the web. To win this severe competition one should get rid of main disadvantage of online stores – insufficient visual expression. Consumers cannot touch the product, turn it over in hands. Sometimes buyers cannot even examine the product in all details. And this all happens today – in the age of 3D technology!

According to the studies conducted by 3D-Ace Studio, the best online selling products are books, clothing and footwear, home appliances, audio and video equipment and computers. Most online stores offer certain groups of products:

  • books, movies and audio content are sold by one online store;
  • the others sell home appliances, computers, audio and video equipment, cell phones;
  • clothing, footwear, and accessories are sold by other stores.

However, some huge online stores such as Amazon.com successfully sell all groups of products.

Best Online Selling Products


Better Customer Experience

All of us understand how important it is to make a recognizable product page welcoming the visitors to land the sale.

Online book stores cannot win much from 3D visualization, as one can see the cover, evaluate the layout and illustrations just like in ordinary book store from scanned copies. Technically, it is not difficult to achieve – some quality scans can easily solve the problem. The only thing missing is a fresh smell of ink. But this is a clear whim of traditional book lovers.

Online stores selling clothing and footwear use photos in high resolution, which allow consumers to examine the fabric texture and stitches, and demo reels allow to see how the jacket or jeans sit on a live model. Of course, one cannot touch and try the clothes on, but anyway it is not particularly difficult to exchange or refund clothing and footwear products.

And what about the largest segment of e-commerce – home appliances and electronics? The question still remains open. Sales of home appliances and electronic goods make at least a third of all sales in the network! 

Does the appearance of the computer, cell phone or microwave interest a buyer less than the appearance of shoes? And it is rather difficult to return heavy equipment without serious reasons. So we can safely say that for this group of products demonstration of products in 3D leads to better customer experience.

How many online stores come into your mind when thinking of interactive 3D visualization of products? Not so many, really? In most cases, online stores use ordinary photos or three-dimensional static images.

Meanwhile, the use of 3D models can become a huge competitive advantage. And some US and European online stores have already benefited from interactive 3D visualization of products.

Tough Choice

There are several ways to get good 3D models: create custom 3D models or buy ready-made models from stock.

  1. In order to develop custom 3D models, you need to hire 3D artists, including modelers, texturists, animators and other 3D specialists. You can develop models in-house or hire an outsourcing 3D modeling company to get the development costs down. Almost every day new cell phones, computers and other gadgets enter the market. To create two or three dozens of 3D models per month is not such a big challenge for professionals.
  2. Another way to get 3D models is to buy ready-made 3D models from stock. On the one hand this may seem to save you some money, but on the other hand, the choice of 3D models is very limited and you will hardly find the required model that perfectly matches your product offering. Besides, it is extremely difficult to find dozens of models of the same high quality. And to publish heterogeneous 3D models created by different authors is somehow unprofessional.

The main advantage offered by 3D technologies is the ability to rotate an object, view it from all angles, zoom in and out. Compared to static 3D images the use of this kind of interactivity is a big step forward.


The best way to improve customers’ experience with online shopping is adding more interactivity to online stores. And we believe that active introduction of modern 3D technology to E-commerce is the thing of the nearest future.

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