3D chairsNowadays many companies prefer 3D technologies rather than traditional methods like photography for creating their marketing material. Most furniture manufacturers, clothing and homewear brands as well as tool production companies use 3D medium to create their catalogs and similar marketing materials. The technology allows now to digitally create any space and make wonderfully realistic images looking as good as photography and sometimes even better. For that reason many photo studios that specialized in interior and product shooting for brands turned into digital studios specializing in digital 3D image-making.

3D has undeniable advantages compared to traditional photography:

  • Greater flexibility than photographs: with 3D you have no restriction to what and how you can shoot. Some brands have been using CG images of cars in advertising reels for years.

  • Time and effort saving: with 3D models people save plenty of time on construction and demolition of set pieces usually built for photo-shooting.

  • Material and costs saving: as a rule, people have to build massive sets or display rooms for the product shooting from scratch and after photo-shoots old sets would be thrown away.

  • Unlike photographs, 3D offers full reusability of sets and product models.

  • Easy customization: stored in computer 3D models can be pulled out any time for quick editing and reissuing. You can easily change the environment, materials, lighting, colors, etc. obtain the looked-for result.

3d bed furniture

3D renderings for catalogs must look really photo-real, because in many catalogs they sit alongside real photos and people should not guess it is CG. Some magazines avoid publishing computer-generated images, but the quality of the latter could be so high, that they often publish them unknowingly.

For the last few years 3D technologies have developed greatly, and the hardware processes enough power to render the images. Even so hard-to-simulate fabrics like bedding and cushions now look convincing. The method is rising to popularity, and the percentage of 3D rendered images used in catalogs will continue to grow.

3D chairs

With 3D models produced by our 3D modeling studio no one will notice that the product depicted is not real. One of main specialization of 3D-Ace Studio is product modeling. We have huge experince is creating 3D models of furniture, appliances, cosmetics, clothes and foorwear, cars, etc.

3D-Ace artists are delivering top-quality custom 3D assets created from scratch and corresponding to all material and quality references and specifications provided by a client.

Visit our Portfolio for more examples of 3D assets created for catalogs and presentations by 3D-Ace team.