Scott Zerby

3D-ACE has delivered excellent quality 3D modeling work for us on budget and on time. As a demanding client with precision expectations, I am pleased that they rise to the bar each time we challenge them. If you're looking for a professional, dedicated, digital development partner, I highly recommend 3D-ACE.

- Tim Ransom, President at Visual Thunder Media

Scott Zerby

3D-Ace created high-quality 3D models of characters and weapon units for our game. The team worked in a perfect harmony, and every member of it from artists to managers is incredible. They work fast and professionally. 3D-Ace is the best choice for outsourcing needs.

- Guvenc Sahin, Owner of Vector Games

Scott Zerby

I chose 3D-Ace because the works in their 3D portfolio were very near to what I was looking for. The guys showed themselves as a very professional, serious and capable team, they made every effort to establish a good business relationship. I always received timely responses from my project manager, and it was always easy to get help when I needed it. I enjoyed their 3D modeling services and will surely recommend 3D-Ace to others.

- Maurizio de Girolami

Scott Zerby

We did an advertising 3D video animation of medicines for a pharmaceutical company with 3D-Ace. I’ve known them for years as a company with good pricing and speed, broad skillset and sufficient size to take on larger projects if needed. Sales people are always quick to respond and projects can get off the ground very quickly. Project management is solid and the online communication tool works well. I like the quick communication in good English language, the responses from my project manager were always quick and changes were processed fast. I’m content with the projects we have done so far.

- Matijs de Haard, Operational Manager at 3DIMERCE

Scott Zerby

Let me start by saying Program-Ace has a talented team of programmers and artists. They are able to produce work that is of a very high standard. They also strive to deliver projects within budget.

Even more importantly, Program-Ace does a very good job at communication. We don't speak any Ukrainian, but this hasn't been a problem. Most of the team seems to read and write English pretty well. Also, they respond to each email we send in a timely manner. This is important because we are located in the United States, and if they don't respond, we lose a day of production time.

Another impressive thing we've found working with Program-Ace is that they stand behind their work. Whenever we've found a bug, they fixed it at no cost - even if it required a great deal of work. This is the reason we will work with Program-Ace again and again. They are truly service oriented and are interested in building long-term relationships.

For us, this level of service and commitment is what makes them stand apart from other third party developers. We highly recommend working with Program-Ace. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

- Naomi Kokubo, President of LavaMind

Jonathan Bernand

3D-Ace was our IT partner in developing an interactive 3D multi-user simulator. We were glad to cooperate with them as their team showed a high level of proficiency and delivered us a high-quality solution on time and on budget.

Program-Ace team helped us to develop this 3D application and its 3D division 3D-Ace Studio did the modeling part, and I would like to admit that artists from 3D-Ace Studio are real experts, so the result of their work exceeded our expectations. I would definitely recommend them to everybody who has needs in high-quality 3D modeling services.

- Jonathan Bernand, CEO at Military Time

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