3D Modeling for Pre-Rendering

3d modeling for pre-renderingNowadays, it's almost impossible to imagine any kind of media content without 3D models. The high-poly 3D model allows to achieve visual complexity and photorealism of the scene and is a keystone of any animation, presentation or advertising reel.

3D models for pre-rendering are typically high-poly and require 4k (or higher) resolution texture files. One of the key features of pre-rendered 3D model is that adding details (polygons) to the model doesn't increase the system requirements.

3D models for pre-rendering are used for object visualization which allows to observe objects from different angles and is widely used to illustrate almost any process with breathtaking graphics. High-poly 3D models can possess the highest level of detail that creates a real-life impression and increases the chances of success of a project.

Over the years of work we have created a variety of three-dimensional models for presentations, advertisements, catalogs, manuals and other visualization tools and can produce custom 3D assets of any complexity.

3D Presentations, Advertising Reels

Today people are not satisfied with simple perception; they want to interact with information and experience a real-world feel. For this reason, advertising reels and presentations in 3D format gain favor over 2D.

Potential buyers and investors have completely new expectations. So, if you want to win the attention of the audience you should present your media content in cutting-edge 3D format.

We completely understand the advantages of 3D over 2D content and are ready to produce high-quality 3D models for a successful presentation.

We cooperate with different advertising and marketing agencies as well as other companies who need production-ready 3D models and provide solutions that fully correspond to the vision of the creative designer and provided sketches.

3D Catalogs, Brochures

Our team produces broad-ranging 3D models for interactive catalogues and brochures.

What is actually a 3D catalogue? It is an interactive catalogue which allows seeing all the details of a product. It combines 3D object representation with classification and/or other services of the classical e-commerce system.

Our artists have produced a vast number of 3D models for interactive catalogs like furniture catalog, hi-tech catalog, parts catalog and others.

So, don’t waste your time and order 3D models for a catalog or brochure to make it a perfect marketing, sales and service tool that will bring profit to any business or industry.

Useful Information

Go to our Portfolio to find more 3D models produced by our team.

Request a Quote Since 2009, we've developed numerous projects in 2D and 3D, including models and props for Unity and Unreal Engine as well as AR/VR/MR-ready 3D models. Contact us!

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