Outsourcing 3D servicesEvery customer thinking of hiring a 3D artist should first of all consider different alternatives and decide what option is the best for him. For many types of businesses keeping 3D modeling or rendering services in-house is the most attractive option.

However, if you are looking for cheaper alternative with fewer obligations, than outsourcing 3D content production company is the best fit-for-purpose solution.

Keeping some 2D/3D staff in-house must be an advantage for those companies where 3D design is a core function. Besides sending 3D modeling and animation projects abroad means regular traveling, clarifying and understanding business strategies and laws of foreign country, and so on.

Significant Cost Saving

The cost is always among the first issues to be considered. And here is where the outsourcing 3D services come in handy.

Outsourcing 3D design and modeling functions can bring significant cost savings to the company.

Taking into account the level of salaries of the average 3D modeler, animators or designer, as well as amount of vacation time in the US and European companies where the core function is not 3D design, outsourcing 3D modeling and rendering services is an exceptionally viable cost cutting measure.

A growing number of the US and Western European companies are sending their 3D projects (modeling, animation, visualization and rendering) overseas to developing countries such as Ukraine, India, and Brazil to lower development costs and still get high-quality outcome.

We conducted a research and gather all monthly costs awaiting you in case you prefer outsourcing 3D services to in-house staff. As a basis for our research we have taken Ukrainian level of salaries and prices and as the opposite to it – Western European and US incomes and taxes.

in-house vs outsourcing


The salary of the outsourced 3D artists is based on the average market salaries for the region (Eastern Europe, the post-Soviet area, Ukraine). The salary of a middle 3D artist in Ukraine ranges from 15,000 to 40,000$ annually. In the diagram we took the average of 2,800$ per month.

The salary of in-house 3D artist is based on the average market salaries for the region (US, Western Europe). The salary of a middle 3D artist ranges from 25,000 to 75,000$ annually. In the diagram we took the average of 4,000 $ per month.

Office Costs

Outsourcing company fees include the office cost (full recruitment cycle, strong project management, technical consulting, knowledge sharing, full infrastructure including workstation, licensed software, Internet, Server, Time tracking systems, Webcams – all for productive environment and effective cooperation).

In-house 3D artist require additional spending on IT infrastructure, utilities, communication.


In Ukraine there is a flat tax rate system, so the cost covers the tax and annual installments to the pension fund and amounts up to 100 $ monthly.

In most European countries the employees have to pay additional taxes (social security tax, medical insurance, unemployment tax and other). In our diagram we took 15% additional costs.

Office Management and Recruitment

Outsourcing company fees covers the management and HR cost. Some outsourcing companies take 10% for Project Management.

Office management, retention and motivation activities costs.

Travel Costs

The diagram shows the cost of an average trip of 5 working days per 2-3 month (if required).

This average data gives an exact representation of the situation.

Apart from cost-effectiveness of outsourcing 3D modeling and animation companies, there is a set of other important benefits. So, let’s consider those too.

Significant cost savingsYes buttonNo button
Different business models to fit any business needsYes buttonNo button
No need in alimentation of Administration & HRYes buttonNo button
No termination wage after the project is completedYes buttonNo button
No overhead and training costsYes buttonNo button
Anytime availability of required resources (no scheduled vacations, maternity leave, sick leave)Yes buttonNo button

When to Outsource, When to Do In-house

The primary aim of hiring in-house or outsourcing 3D projects is building a team of professionals for a certain operational function with control over the process and quality.

Being a 3D modeling and animation company 3D-Ace offers all benefits of an outsourcing company:

  • Significant cost savings (flexible contract terms and negotiable hourly rates).
  • Data protection: we sign NDA and IP Protection Agreement.
  • Custom 3D services: we guarantee high-quality of 3D services: no stolen or reused 3D content.
  • Trustworthy 3D contractor: we created 3D assets for GSN Games, Wargaming, Hopster, Digimation, Miivies, Kuju Entertainment, Namco, ValuSoft Cosmi, Kalypso Media and other world brands.
  • No delays: we provide strong project management and always meet your deadlines.

Hiring an outsourcing 3D service provider is a good idea when 3D is not a core component of your business. In this case we recommend you to build your functions from within.

Go to our Portfolio to see the examples of 3D content created by outsourcing 3D modeling and animation company 3D-Ace!

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