Skinning example Skinning is the next step in creating 3D animation after rigging. These two processes are intimately related to each other.

By skinning we mean the process of attaching the mesh of a 3D model to the virtual skeleton or the rig so that when we move the rig of a character the skin will move together with the rig which allows to create a quality character animation.

At 3D-Ace we have both proficient skinners and modelers who possess the required knowledge and experience enabling them to skin even the most complex 3D models from top to toe.

How we do it

The work of skinners is considered to be one of the most painstaking and time-consuming tasks in creating a 3D animation. In 3D-Ace Studio there are two animators, who are proficient in using different tools helping them to successfully tackle this complex task and achieve the professional outcome.

Generally, the skinning of a 3D model presupposes the following steps:

  1. The rigging of a model precedes the skinning process. When the virtual skeleton is ready, we start to attach the model meshes to the rig.
  2. Then we assign the weight, using Skin or Skin Morph modifier for natural curves.

    We assign the weight of each bone to the model vertices so that every vertex follows the required bone. In other words, the corresponding bones affect only the desired group of vertices on the surface of the animated 3D character. We weight all vertices of a model, including the smallest ones. We pay careful attention to the groups of vertices subjected to transformation of individual bones not to inadvertently engage the other bones. We also use the weight tool to adjust the folds in such tricky areas like hands, shoulders, and pelvis.

  3. When creating complex motions and building complex hierarchies we can also use Dummy objects.

This is only a base schema of skinning process; however the workflow can differ greatly depending on the complexity of a 3D model. 

3D skinning 3D face skinning 3D feet skinning

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