Custom 3D modeling

Model is a keystone component of any 3D media, irrespective of whether it uses an imaginary or realistic environment. We are proficient in creating 3D content using efficient and detail-oriented methods. As the end result our customers get high-quality 3D models ready for any production.

3D model produced by 3D-Ace Studio is a core element of any 3D advertising reel, presentation, catalog, simulator, virtual training and other 3D media. Besides, modeling is irreplaceable for visualizing architectural objects, promoting new products or ideas, depicting industrial or scientific processes, etc.

At 3D-Ace we create technically perfect and visually realistic 3D models including 3D models of objects, products, characters with proper anatomy, environments, props, etc. 

Generally, our artists follow these steps when creating 3D models:

1First we gather all the information form customer such as AutoCAD drawings, images, hand sketches, photographs of the objects, as well as other reference materials and documentation required for modeling an object and allowing us to complete understand the expected result.

2Then we review and analyze the information collected; study the special characteristics of a product.

3We work out a modeling plan that will assure the desired output.

4We create 3D models in the most advanced 3D software. We use polygonal and digital sculpting methods of modeling depending on the model complexity and requirements.

Custom 3D modeling

With polygonal modeling (3d Max, Autodesk Maya) we represent the model surfaces using polygons. We can produce both high-poly models for pre-rendering and low-poly 3D models for real-time rendering. When creating a low-poly model we take into consideration the strict requirements to the mesh count, number and size of textures.

The digital sculpting method (Mudbox, ZBrush) allows to create high-poly models of high complexity.

5When a 3D asset is modeled, we apply the appropriate UV-mapping textures, different lighting and shadow effects to enhance the realistic feel of the product. We can even rig and skin a model to prepare it for animation.

6We optimize our 3D models for further use in different media productions for any software supporting fbx or obj formats.

Useful Information

Read more about other technical expertise possessed by our team or Contact us, if you are in need of an impressive 3D model.

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