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One of the main points of prosperous slot machine development is a creation of flawlessly-designed artworks for the slots. While many people don't consider it important, subliminally, the design of the slots is what catches their attention at first sight. Without stunning artwork, online slots won't be different from each other or table games offered in casinos. 3D-Ace provides an impressive art for online, mobile and web slots that will be noticed by the target audience.

Phases Of Slots Creation

Generally, the design of all artworks for mobile, web or online slot machines can be divided into the following sections:

  • gathering of all available materials that can be provided by a client, including game design document, technical requirements, asset list, references to style and quality, etc.;
  • choosing of color palette according to industry standards;
  • creating initial concept art;
  • designing of slot symbols, items, assets, background, and wireframe;
  • adding of animation for items, reels, anticipators, lines and so forth;
  • featuring of slots with bonus games if necessary.

Taking into account that all slots are unique, the creation of artwork can take from three weeks to two months depends on project requirements and complexity of a task.

Why 3D-Ace Is A Great Choice

The 3D-Ace team of skilled artists carefully listens to client's needs and delivers astonishing targeted 2D or 3D assets of a different complexity based on project requirements and target audience demands. 3D-Ace can capture the dynamic of references provided by a client and improve the visual part saving the reference style.

Our team chooses an appropriate combination of colors and animation to form a motivation among the target audience based on a psychology that makes people come back for more. In addition, 3D-Ace is familiar with contemporary animation and visual effect techniques and offers a broad spectrum of animation services.

3D-Ace creates impressive visuals with a high-level proficiency and has developed an efficient pipeline for swift producing of art assets and animation. And as a professional CG studio, 3D-Ace is ready to hold a cooperative role alongside our clients and deliver astonishing artworks in order to provide the whole new experience of playing slot games. For more information, visit our portfolio and explore our featured case studies.

Featured Showcase: Rome Slot Machine

Luxury Rome Slot is a high-resolution demo that was designed to illustrate our skills, accomplishments, and introduce different areas of our expertise.

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