Dedicated 3D Artists

What is a Dedicated Artists business model?

More and more companies tend to hire artists at the external company, that's why we have a business model called Dedicated Artists that allows you to hire 3D artist and 3D modelers as well as whole teams of specialists. We offer our customers a possibility to involve our proficient and highly-skilled 3D artists in your project development and make them a virtual extension of your development team. Working on a definite project, 3D artists have a possibility to inquire into the project and its requirements and perform the task as efficiently as possible.

We provide a scalable team and profitable cooperation conditions for our clients. A fixed hourly price is paid per team or per artist regularly: every month or upon the completion of a certain task.

We work to make your project successful and easy to manage.

Workflow of Hiring a 3D Artist

  1. Initial inquiry: the nature and potential scope of the project are discussed.
  2. Requirements as to the artists’ qualification, hardware, and software to be used as well as the hourly rates are mutually analyzed and agreed upon.
  3. The contract is prepared for signing, including the following issues: rates, terms, confidentiality, intellectual property and licensing, etc.
  4. Dedicated artists are allocated; this can be either a single 3D artist (modeler, texturist, rigger, skinner, animator, etc.) or a team of 3D specialists.
  5. The contract is signed.
  6. Artists start working on a project.
  7. The client takes full control over the dedicated team and has free access to any dedicated team member.
  8. From our part, we provide strong project management and free QA services.
  9. In a case when the workload decreases, by consent of all the parties the agreement can be either modified or terminated.
  10. If the workload increases, we can involve additional resources.

Dedicated Artists model is the best alternative for:

  • Customers, who wish to establish a long-term cooperation with outsourcing 3D modeling company and therefore save upwards of 30% on project costs.
  • Long-term projects with unclear deadlines and dynamically changing project requirements.
  • Customer, looking for a team of 3D professionals to make them a 3D modeling extension of its own development team.


  • Flexible contract terms and negotiable hourly rates depending on project requirements.
  • Ability to add a 3D modeling extension to your development team when necessary.
  • Scalable team. Ability to select and manage team members: 3D modelers, texturists, riggers, skinners, animators, etc. You can hire a single 3D artist as well as a team of 3D specialists for the needs of your project.
  • Free access and easy communication with any team member leading to a full transparency of development process.
  • Along with dedicated 3D artists, we offer a project manager and free QA services.
  • High level of IP rights protection and confidentiality (NDA).

For smaller projects as well as for project with clearly predefined scope, specifications, and deadlines we recommend to choose our Fixed Price business model for effective cooperation.

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