How we work on your 3D Model:

1Receive your inquiry about 3D modeling services

2Study the specifics of your requirements

3Clarify 3D Model requirements during a communication round

4Submit a bid/quote

5Submit pro forma invoice upon bid approval

6Receive 50% advance payment

7Start working on 3D Model

8Send 3D Model file(s) for approval at appropriate stages

9Submit final 3D Model

10Receive 50% balance payment

11Issue 3D Model commercial use release certificate to buyer

One of our main principles is flexibility, thus we can change the workflow process according to the needs of a specific project.

Along with 3D modeling services we can handle your project from A to Z with help of our parent company Program-Ace providing full life-cycle development services for custom projects in different fields.

Please, contact us for more details.

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