Photogrammetry of Furniture

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Background Info

While having the largest team of Unity developers in Eastern Europe, Program-Ace possesses a high-efficiency level in creating or polishing already existing 3D assets to further enable them for porting into a game engine and creating animations with a convenient poly count. By having a hefty experience in this area, our team of professionals is capable of lowering the number of polygons down to a value that will drastically alleviate the pressure towards the game engine and servers, meanwhile, the visual quality will retain all its key elements and won't differ from the high-poly counterparts in a graphical department.

Thanks to high proficiency in such software as Maya, 3ds Max, and ZBrush, our 3D artists can create multiple load instances, that will severely increase the app's performance level by enabling resolution scaling for the models based on their distance to the camera. Precise and meticulous displacement, achieved by setting up correct values during the baking process, gives us the best opportunities to make each 3D asset easy to implement and run on any platform.

Being a part of a complex 3D modeling route, retopology is one of our numerous expertise points and can be done for both self-produced and already existing 3D assets. Whether it's a model based on a scanned image or a comprehensive full-blown in-game character model, our proficiency in this field will assure the best performance and further model usage, regardless of its implementation areas.

Business Challenges

Reducing ExpensesImproving PerformanceSpeed Up the Production
By using retopology method any venture can vastly decrease the production costs since it eliminates an expensive step of producing high-quality models by simply modifying scans or any other material source.With a severe cut in polygon numbers area, each model becomes much more susceptible to porting into engine environment and retaining its high level of performance.Time efficiency is a prime feature when using this technology as it allows for skipping multiple model creation steps regardless of their substance.

Approach and Solution

After being contacted by our client, we have received a kit of objects' scans, a necessary asset for the models to be further revived and animated. After being thoroughly photographed and put together, different scan pieces form a cohesive image that gets refined into a proper format and becomes susceptible to porting into 3D modeling programs and further manipulations for reducing their poly count.

Furniture 3d model retopology

Despite Maya and 3ds Max being two primary tools in our arsenal, we prefer to use specific software for each objective instance, therefore, such programs and extensions as ZRemesher (ZBrush), Decimation Master (ZBrush), and TopoGun come in handy when a radical retopology should be conducted. After setting up the correct polygon counts, faces values, and pivot points we come to an "execution" stage that consists of both manual and automated transformation. For example, Decimation Master greatly reduces the overall poly number, however, leaves huge gaps in a model that should be filled by a 3D artist manually afterward. For that matter, we use the "Bridge" function that helps to patch the gaps with plate-like bars and can lead to the next stage of polishing the seams and edges that have also lost their visual appeal during the decimation stage. Depending on artist's preferences and how many sub tools a model has, it can be either decimated together or separately.

Displacement step, on the other hand, is another great way to smoothly retain the graphical fidelity of any model despite losing a hefty amount of its polygons by baking a high-poly geometry onto its low-poly counterpart. With a common notion of having a 4K(4096х4096 pixels) displacement map, we conduct a baking a process, which allows us to wrap 2D UV shells onto 3D models. Moreover, by setting up proper values of UV shell models distance padding, we can ensure a seamless procedure of creating different LOD presets, that allows for dynamic scaling of created 3D objects, depending on a camera position, which further alleviates the pressure towards the environment, where these models will be implemented.

Technical Information

From a technological standpoint, retopology is achieved by a meticulous and dedicated team of our 3D artists and the estimated completion terms vary on the complexity of the given assets. With a solid expertise in this area, our specialists possess a high proficiency level in many contemporary tools, which include:

Zbrush Decimation Master Topo gun Maya Maya

Value Delivered

Photogrammetry value delivered
  1. Decreasing the poly count without image quality loss up to 95%.
  2. Creating proper UV-shells that enable a smooth shift of models' poly count depending on a camera position.
  3. Enabling dynamic resolution for 3D models with the agile LOD values.
  4. Cutting the expenses for a fully deployed set of 3D models by up to 70%.
  5. Significantly eases the animation process and improves the FPS number when using low-poly objects.

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