Oil Platform Simulator


Our client, an oil producing company, was developing new offshore oil deposits and therefore was in need of realistic simulator of the oil platform for teaching personnel, simulating the working processes and working out the emergency evacuation plan. The oil platform was constructed at the highest technological level and 3D simulator of this platform had to strictly conform to the technical specification and technical drawings. This interactive 3D simulator was to be created in close cooperation between petroleum engineers and 3D specialists.

At the time the project was set up, 3D-Ace Studio has already have sound experience in creation of 3D models for interactive 3D simulators, such as Emergency Evacuation Training and Military Training. This invaluable experience allowed our company to start the creation of accurate 3D models for the Oil Platform Simulator.

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Our client has put forward strict requirements to the project and development process. Oil Platform Simulator had to address such issues and requirements like the high precision of 3D models with the finest equipment details, realistic texturing and lighting, strict number of polygons and texture files for real-time rendering with no loss in image quality.

Thanks to the vast experience in 3D modeling for real-time application 3D-Ace team managed to reach the required level of realism of this interactive 3D simulator. Technically accurate 3D models plunge users into virtual reality and enable to:

  • Visualize the oil platform environment and branch-specific items;
  • Simulate all the working processes related to the drilling platform’s daily operations;
  • Work out different practical skills in the real-like environment;
  • Plan and analyze the emergency evacuation routes;
  • Compare the actions of the training participants, etc.

Oil Platform Simulator, developed by 3D-Ace Studio is a highly-customized solution. However, it can be easily adapted to the needs of other oil or gas producing companies or educational institutions involved into teaching oil or gas industry related professions like petroleum engineers, drilling engineer, process engineer, design engineer, etc. That means that among other advantages of Oil Platform Simulator we can specially mention its flexibility and customizability.


Our team of 3D artists is trying to keep on top of the latest developments and innovation in the field of 3D modeling and creates 3D content of the highest level. We are open for any customer-initiated inquiries and partnership offers from companies operating in energy sector and related fields.

Please, contact our sales manager to find answers to your questions and discuss your future project.

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