Military Training


This interactive military training was jointly developed by 3D-Ace Studio and software development company Program-Ace. Military Time company had a very important need for an interactive military training that would allow not only to serve the local needs but could be used on a higher level for training military forces on how to act in different warlike situations. The key requirements for this interactive application were the reconstruction of the realistic combat environment and a high level of interactivity enabling users to work through various situations that can happen to troops.

First, our client was considering an option of choosing among the existing military applications, but finally came to a conclusion to develop a custom 3D solution that would serve the needs of a specific task.

Jonathan Bernand3D/2D art services quote

3D-Ace was our IT partner in developing an interactive 3D multi-user simulator. We were glad to cooperate with them as their team showed a high level of proficiency and delivered us a high-quality solution on time and on budget.

Program-Ace team helped us to develop this 3D application and its 3D division 3D Ace Studio did the modeling part, and I would like to admit that artists from 3D Ace Studio are real experts, so the result of their work exceeded our expectations. I would definitely recommend them to everybody who has needs in high-quality 3D modeling services.

- Jonathan Bernand, CEO at Military Time


By working with Military Time, 3D-Ace Studio produced custom 3D environment for the Interactive Military Training, including 3D models of weapons, military vehicles, soldiers, etc.  Our technical expertise in the field of 3D modeling, lighting, texturing, and animation allowed us to achieve absolutely new level of realism. When working on this Interactive Military Training we paid great attention to models’ geometry, applied realistic textures, used appropriate lighting sources, shadows and added visual effects to increase the perception of the situation by participants. When creating low-poly 3D models for this interactive application we took into account strict requirements to the number of polygons, number and size of textures.

We simulated different processes and phenomenon like:

  • Fire, explosions or other damages caused by shooting with different weapons, etc.
  • Natural phenomenon including smog, clouds, changing light conditions (depending on the sun position), etc.
  • Human movements that is running, walking, jumping, crouching, etc.


3D-Ace Studio team offered some key benefits for this project:

  • Cost savings – we respond to the needs of our clients and always try to lower the project estimation costs. In this particular case we offered our client an opportunity to use some existing 3D models from our library with further customization rather than model them from scratch to keep the project costs down.
  • Convincing environment – the use of advanced 3D technologies enabled our artists to create first-grade 3D graphics ensuring high-realism of the scenes.
  • Fit-for-purpose solution – which means that our client was delivered a 3D solution that exactly met his requirements. Through the development of unique interactive applications such as above mentioned Interactive Military Training, our customers set themself above the competition.

3D modeling services with 3D-Ace Studio

Our experienced team of 3D artists possesses the right knowledge and experience to develop any custom 3D models and animation including VFX for convincing environment of any virtual 3D training.

Thanks to the realism of the scenes this interactive training enables users to develop practical skills while acting in emergency situations as well as test various scenarios of the defense actions.

For more information about 3D-Ace Studio services please contact our sales department.

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