Interactive Architectural Visualization


Today interactive architectural visualization in 3D format has reached its mainstream popularity. However, the majority of 3D models for interactive applications still look unnatural due to low polygonal counts and low resolution texture files of 3D models. We, at 3D-Ace Studio has taken a challenge to create a photo-realistic 3D interface for real-time visualization of a hotel and surrounding area.

This interactive application was jointly developed by our parent company Program-Ace and 3D artists from 3D-Ace Studio. Formerly, high-end visual quality of interactive visualizations could be reached only using pre-rendered 3D stills or 3D animation. Thanks to advanced in-house technology (Ace 3D engine developed by Program-Ace) and joint efforts of both teams we can now offer our clients the opportunity to promote architectural facilities in a new pioneering way combining high-end visual quality and full interactivity.


Real estate companies and architectural bureaus can now step aside from using the standard promotion methods like static 3D renders, advertising reels with pre-rendered 3D models or animation at presentations and advertising campaign. Our company can produce life-like 3D models of real-estate premises for interactive visualization depicting even the smallest details of apartment, building, trade center, hotel or even a city district.

It became possibly thanks to the proprietary Ace 3D engine, allowing to combine a photorealistic quality of 3D content with full interactivity. The key approach of this real-time 3D visualization engine is a full use of cutting-edge technologies and visual effects, including:

  • area shadows,
  • soft particles,
  • advanced post effects,
  • parallax mapping,
  • anisotropic and translucent shadings,
  • real-time refraction of rays and dispersion.


Visual quality of this interactive high-end architectural visualization dives the viewers into the atmosphere of admirable architecture to an extent never reached before.

  • Photorealistic quality of 3D models and environment brightened by visual effects build a wonderful atmosphere showing architectural objects to their best advantages.
  • Convincing 3D interface captivate the users’ attention making them believe they are travelling through the real area.
  • Different lighting and weather options enables to appraise the advantages of a building under different conditions.

Our company together with Program-Ace has made many efforts to make this interactive architectural visualization a powerful promotional tool, which can be useful for architect bureaus, advertisers, as well as real estate agencies.


Our proprietary 3D-Ace technology (Ace 3D engine) opens the door to new opportunities for promotion, presentation and sale of architectural and real estate facilities.

We are waiting to answer any questions regarding interactive high-end visualization in 3D format. Please contact our sales department to get more information about 3D modeling services provided by our team.

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