Exterior Architectural Application


During the past few years 3D models of cities and buildings have been increasingly used for presentation and promotion of architectural facilities, as well as for research and evaluation of urban designs. Experts in architecture and urban design such as architects and urban planners have encountered the problem of insufficient realism of interactive architectural 3D visualizations. The lack of details made 3D cities an extension of 2D maps and this tendency should be avoided in the future.

To solve the problem, companies use different technical tools to reach better quality like high-end software and hardware or involve skilled 3D artists when creating 3D models of cities. In the end the customer gets a professionally modeled 3D city. However, in the overwhelming majority of cases the feel of artificiality isstill present.

Our company was issued a challenge to create a 3D city model filled with everyday details for interactive walkthrough. Our main objective was to create a realistic environment and make the users believe in what they see.

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The approach followed by our team is to combine the power of a 3D engine for real-time rendering and top-quality of 3D architectural solutions. Exterior Architectural Application jointly created by 3D-Ace Studio and Program-Ace enables a photo real virtual tour through the whole city district rather than a simple demo-walk with a single view option.

Ace-3D engine – is a proprietary product of our parent company Program-Ace used to create different types of real-time applications including interactive walkthroughs. It enables 3D artists to apply the following finishing touches to real-time renders without the loss of quality:

  • dynamic area shadows (e.g. physically correct soft shadows, self-shadowing, shadows from transparent objects, etc.);
  • advanced shading models (e.g. oren-nayar-blinn, anisotropic and translucent shading);
  • reflections in the windows;
  • water effects with per–pixel reflections and refractions, depth toning and ripples animation;
  • soft particle intersections with environment;
  • landscape rendering (texture blending for landscapes);
  • alpha blended grass and trees;
  • parallax mapping;
  • atmospheric effects (e.g. fog, dust, steam, light shafts, etc.);
  • real-time dispersion and refractions of light.

Another important aspect is the lighting of 3D scene. Professional Ace-3D engine provides all the necessary power to correctly represent specific geographical locations, which means proper sunlight at specific latitude and longitude at different time of year and day.

Together all the features contribute to a better visual quality. Thus, simulated 3D environment in Exterior Architectural Application looks very like the one people observe in their everyday life.


Thanks to the top-notch technologies, in-house 3D engine and solid experience in 3D modeling our team has created unmatched 3D interface for Exterior Architectural Application of the outstanding quality.

Believable atmosphere of a modern city in this real-time walkthrough makes the users take positive decisions regarding the issue, whether it is an urban planning project or a presentation of architectural facilities.  


The rear combination of interactivity and top-quality of 3D solutions illustrated in this Exterior Architectural Application suits best for architectural and real estate presentations, planning and promotion campaigns as it provides the highest quality and full interactivity of visualization.

Please, view the images below to create your individual opinion about the potential of this approach. Feel free to contact us and we will gladly answer any of your questions.

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