Emergency Evacuation Simulator

When evaluating the design of a building it is extremely important to analyze the effectiveness of evacuation path, and understand people behavior and movement characteristics during emergency evacuation. Interactive simulation is a powerful tool since real data on building evacuation are rarely available and costly to obtain.

After short-period negotiations our client entrusted our company to develop an interactive Emergency Evacuation Simulator for a 5-storey office building in construction. This interactive application was jointly developed by 3D-Ace Studio and software development company Program-Ace.

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This interactive simulator was aimed to address the following issues:

  • analyze the evacuation route and find its weaknesses;
  • teach staff how to act in emergency situations and find the way out.

Our team was set a task to model a highly realistic environment of an office building and simulate different emergency situations which would require urgent evacuation of staff and other visitors.

“We interviewed about a dozen of 3D modeling companies for this very important application, as we had a need for analysis of evacuation routes before the building was actually build. We also planned to use Emergency Evacuation Simulator for teaching office staff at a later stage. We ended up choosing 3D-Ace Studio because they offered the best overall package (best quality portfolio and customer service) and they really understood what we needed to accomplish. They delivered a high end product ahead of time. I can confidently recommend 3D-Ace Studio as a reliable 3D modeling partner and our company will surely use their services again and again.”

Daryl Boots


Our team performed an interesting modeling task and created:

  • precise 3D model of a 5-storey office building, including interior scenes and furniture items. We used AutoCAD 2D drawings of floor plans as working backgrounds for the models;
  • along with creation of 3D models, we applied proper lighting and texturing techniques to obtain the desired result;
  • we added different visual effects like smoke, fire, etc. to simulate different emergency situations and add realism to the scene;
  • we created animation and simulated human movements reminding the loss of orientation due to the health damage;
  • our artists modeled as many random people (bots) as it was required to run the training in realistic conditions.

Thanks to the accurately modeled environment this Emergency Evacuation Simulator could be used to visualize, evaluate, understand and predict the behavior of people during evacuation.

All building produced for this Emergency Evacuation Simulator as well as furniture items were low-poly for quick transformation of 3D into a finalized 2D image.


Though this Emergency Evacuation Simulator was quite complex and time-consuming to model, it provides invaluable opportunities for skill training and analysis of existing evacuation routes for both customer and intended users.

High realism and precision of the environment represented in the Emergency Evacuation Simulator enables people to quickly and rationally act in case of emergency situation, find the shortest way out of the building and navigate in conditions of low visibility (due to smoke concentration).

3D simulators with 3D-Ace Studio

Our technical expertise allows us to create 3D models of any complexity for Emergency Evacuation and similar 3D simulators which will correspond to all standards and requirements.

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