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Online casinos are a featured entertainment enabling the Internet users to enter the risky world of gambling without leaving their comfortable chairs in front of computers. Generally online casinos are created with Adobe Flash technology. However, this universal method suits well only for simple 2D online games and video clips and does not allow to display the cutting-edge 3D media. The booming 3D technologies let 3D content break into the every-day life and enables an easy display of three-dimensional content even on low-budget computers with integrated video cards.

In 2009, our client started to develop a new approach in the gambling industry. They wanted to develop a multi-purpose server platform that could support the whole functionality of a modern 3D Internet casino that is a client-server system for on-line playing that would combine the functionality of Internet casino and high-end 3D graphics. And our company was to implement the best features of both approaches.

"The unique combination of 3D and WEB technologies and also the allocated R&D and analytical teams is one of the main distinguishing features of Program-Ace. They make our company a reliable partner to implement long-term and complex high-tech solutions of the enterprise level."

Oleg Fonarov, CEO Program-Ace


This system was jointly developed by us and our parent company Program-Ace. Program-Ace was set a task to develop a server platform meeting the modern requirements as to the system safety, flexibility and scalability. Besides, Program-Ace developed a set of games (roulette, black jack, poker games, and video slot machines) and created a web site that enabled people to play different gambles on-line. The team of 3D-Ace Studio was assigned technologically challenging and creative task to produce high-quality 3D graphics for on-line playing. Our team have met this challenge and created realistic full-functional 3D interface for games that run directly in the Internet and allows the Internet users to fully plunge into the fascinating world of a virtual casino.

Together with Program-Ace we developed a 3D platform for high-level visualization supported by different browsers and compatible with the majority of integrated and discrete video cards. Working jointly we successfully reached the target!


The joint efforts of both teams and our valuable experience and knowledge of 3D technologies helped us to successfully finish this important project. 3D artists of 3D-Ace Studio used the whole range of 3D technologies and 3D modeling software including 3D Studio max, Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, ZBrush and others. Moreover, we did an impressive analytical work for the field of on-line casinos to produce a realistic gambling system that would keep the attention of the players.

3D-Ace Studio used a complete set of technologies for real-time rendering and visualization of high-quality 3D content.

“Also, I would like to mention that the successful development of such a huge project would not be possible without an impressive amount of analytical work and investigation done for the subject field. The project team managed to bring the project to the next level. I would like to recommend 3D-Ace Studio and Program-Ace to everyone, who has a challenging task to solve, like a combination of high-end 3D graphics and client-server solutions.”

Tropical Gaming LLC


This case study depicts the importance of sharing experiences and knowledge as well as close cooperation not only with clients, but also within different departments and divisions of one company. Thanks to the joint efforts of 3D-Ace Studio and our parent company Program-Ace this 3D Online Casino runs successfully on the Internet and serves thousands of players from all over the world.

Please, contact us for more information about 3D modeling services provided by 3D-Ace Studio.

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