Case Studies

While having the largest team of Unity developers in Eastern Europe, Program-Ace possesses a high-efficiency level in creating or polishing already existing 3D assets. By having a hefty experience in this area, our team of professionals is capable of lowering the number of polygons down to a value that will drastically alleviate the pressure towards the game engine and servers. Check out the case study to know more.
3D-Ace faced a task to create a realistic 3D simulator of an oil platform for teaching personnel, simulating the working processes and creating an emergency evacuation plan. This 3D simulator complies with the technical specification and blueprints of the oil platform. This 3D simulator was created in close cooperation between petroleum engineers and 3D professionals.
This interactive military training was jointly developed by 3D-Ace and Program-Ace company. This training allows not only to serve the local needs but can be used on a higher level for training armed forces on how to act in different warlike situations. This interactive application reconstructs the realistic combat environment enabling users to work through various situations.
Today interactive architectural visualization in 3D has reached its mainstream popularity. However, the majority of 3D models for real-time applications still look unnatural due to low polygonal counts and low resolution texture files. Our team has taken a challenge to create a photo-realistic 3D interface for real-time visualization of a hotel.
During the past few years 3D models of cities and buildings have been increasingly used for presentation and evaluation of architectural facilities and urban design. 3D-Ace team created a 3D city model filled with everyday details for interactive walkthrough. Our main objective was to create a realistic environment and make the users believe in what they see.
When evaluating the design of a building it is extremely important to analyze the effectiveness of evacuation path, and understand people behavior and movement characteristics during emergency evacuation. Interactive simulation is a powerful tool since real data on building evacuation are rarely available and costly to obtain.
Castle Walkway is a virtual 3D tour guiding a user around a beautiful regal castle. This interactive 3D app dips a user into the peaceful atmosphere of autumn’s beauty. Quiet alleys and lakes welcome the visitors and create a home-like atmosphere. We used the most up-to-date technologies and software to create 3D models for this real-time app.
Online casinos enable people to enter the world of gambling without leaving their comfortable chairs in front of computers. The universal method of creating online casinos with Adobe Flash doesn't allow displaying cutting-edge 3D media. So, our team was set a task to create online casinos using 3D technologies for easy displaying of 3D content even on outdated computers.
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