3D Modeling for Real Time

3d modeling for real timeInteractive 3D environment dips a user into virtual reality and allows them to control what is to be drawn on the screen. 3D models in interactive applications are rendered at interactive frame rates (at least fifteen frames per second). Thus, they normally consist of relatively small number of polygons to be quickly finalized to 2D.

Real-time 3D models for interactive graphics have strict requirements to the number of polygons, number and size of textures.

3D-Ace artists work with well-known 3D computer graphics software like 3D Max, Autodesk Maya 3D and many others and adapt custom 3D models for any 3D software, supporting .fbx or .obj formats.

We have a vast experience in creating low-poly 3D models for real-time rendering and here are some of interactive applications we can produce custom 3D models for.

Interactive Walkthrough

Interactive walkthrough takes a user into a dynamic and breathtaking virtual world. It can be used to simulate the physical presence on both a finished project and a project in the design stage.

Interactive walkthrough often refers to architectural visualization, though it can be used for navigation around almost any place, both inside and outside, e.g. appartments, ski resorts, factories, museums, parks, cities, ships, etc. Interactive walkthrough in architecture is often used by real estate sales to take the potential clients on a virtual tour of the property to show how a project will look like once it is finished.

Our 3D team can model almost any object for interactive walkthrough with highest level of details to give the observer the feel of reality in a virtual world.

Virtual Training and Simulators

Other types of interactive applications are virtual training and 3D simulators.

Basically, virtual training is a scenario-based interactive application, which allows to get a real-life experience in 3D environment. In other words, a user can perform actions like in the real world: walk or run through the environment pursuing some educational objectives (e.g. military training, evacuation training, etc.). 

3D simulator is often used to teach professions, like airline pilot, train or ship driver, etc., to teach important skills and techniques and improve the work performance. 3D simulators are used when operation of real devices and mechanisms is associated with increased risk or requires heavy spending.

One of the main goals of 3D simulator is to get practical behavior skills in the specified object environment. However, it can have no goal at all and is often played as game, e.g. driving simulators are used both for entertainment and in training at driver's education courses.

3D-Ace team has a vast experience in producing custom 3D models for virtual trainings, emergency evacuation trainings and others.

Useful Information

Visit our Portfolio to see more 3D models created for virtual 3D trainings.

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