3D-Ace Animators At Spark Animation Conference 2014

October 24 - 27, 2014 – Spark animation conference was held in Vancouver International Film Centre, Canada. 3D-Ace animators attanded Spark Animation Conference 2014 organized by the Spark CG Society. This is a premier 4-day event devoted to animation and the entire multi-faceted medium where animation is the essential.

3D-Ace Professionals at i3D 2014 in San Francisco, CA

14 – 16 March, 2014 - conference for real-time 3D computer graphics and human interaction was held in San Francisco, CA. I3D 2014 is a leading 3D computer graphics and human interaction event organized for 3D professionals from all over the world. I3D conference of 2014 is the 28th I3D conference focusing on 3D game technologies, interactive visualization and visual depiction, user-assisted techniques, interactive modeling, and applications.

Get A Ballpark Estimate of Your Project Before You Start

3D-Ace team is proud about our exclusive easy-to-use estimator that is very handy and automatically gets the estimate for your project, its costs and duration. We utilized our 5 years’ experience of work with architectural firms to create this project estimator based on a robust algorithm that will become the most useful tool for quick project estimation.

3D-Ace Congratulates All Winners of Technical Oscar!

Annual Scientific and Technical Awards Presentation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will honor 19 scientific and technical achievements. And we are happy to name ZBrush software tool for multi-resolution sculpting of digital models among SCIENTIFIC AND ENGINEERING winners. The team of Mudbox software is among the winners of TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD and received ACADEMY CERTIFICATE.

3D-Ace Studio is Moving to the Next Level

3D-Ace Studio team is excited about our new website and want to share this joy with you, our dear customers and partners. Since 2009, 3D-Ace Studio has been acting as an independent 3D modeling company. Our main areas of activities included 3d modeling and related services. Now with this new website our company is moving to a new level and offers new benefits for customers.

3D-Ace Holiday Special: 10% OFF the Price of a Pilot Project

We at 3D-Ace want to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our clients and partners and thank for giving us the opportunity to work with you throughout the past year. To celebrate the holiday season and say thank you to all our customers and partners, we are offering a one-month-only holiday special: 10% off the price of a pilot project on condition that the project duration is no longer than 2-5 man-weeks.

Junior 3D Artists Attended the Conference on 3D Modeling in Novosibirsk

As part of career enhancement training two of our Junior 3D artists attended the conference on 3D modeling, namely 3D Modeling for Solving Scientific and Application Tasks, held in Siberian State Academy of Geodesy, Novosibirsk, Russia. Novelty of this year’s conference included three master-classes conducted for the speakers and attendees of the conference.

3D-Ace artists attended CG EVENT Conference

Scientific program of the conference presented reports and speeches on the most topical issues. Not all of them were devoted to technological aspects of production but intended to cover both technical and creative aspects of the process. Round table discussions on the topical issues, section for developers, presentations of Russian and foreign artists, demonstration and discussion of works, exhibition digests reports of the studios about their technologies, master-classes of known artists – all these aspects were included into the conference program.

We are at IC3D 2013: International Conference on 3D Imaging

Being a 3D modeling company focusing on creating 3D content of the highest standard, we are interested in getting up-to-the minute information on 3D technologies and techniques that will help us to improve our skills and proficiency in the field of 3D modeling. ​For this reason, we attended the IC3D 2013, which provided in-depth review of almost all aspects of 3D, its types and modalities.


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