We are at IC3D 2013: International Conference on 3D Imaging

December 3-5, 2013 - 3D-Ace experts attended IC3D 2013: International Conference on 3D Imaging held in Liège, Belgium as part of the 5th edition of 3D Stereo Media.

3d stereo mediaBeing a 3D modeling company focusing on creating 3D content of the highest standard, we are interested in getting up-to-the minute information on 3D technologies and techniques that will help us to improve our skills and proficiency in the field of 3D modeling.​

For this reason, we attended the IC3D 2013, which provided in-depth review of almost all aspects of 3D, its types and modalities.

Topics discussed

  • stereoscopics;
  • multiscopic rendering;
  • plenoptic or integral imaging;
  • volumetric 3D;
  • holographic 3D models;
  • depth of 3D;
  • acoustical 3D models;
  • and 3D printing.

Being one of the most popular conference on 3D, IC3D is an attractive event for the majority of engineers, scientists and  other 3d experts, as it covers all scientific and engineering aspects of 3D and has no limitations as to the topics being discussed. This unique event seamlessly integrated in 3D Stereo MEDIA also covering the artistic and technological aspects of 3D.

Our experts attended a series of oral presentations, as well as familiarized themselves with printed materials on 3D related subject submitted by the authors.

Conference attendees have come from different fields and include scientists, engineers, 3d artists, researchers, who are interested in presenting and/or exploring cutting-edge 3d technologies and products and our team is proud to have communicated and shared information with topnotch 3d artists, developers and scientists from all over the world.

What we learnt through IC3D

  • Specifics of different 3D modalities and various forms of exploitation.
  • We explored various application areas of these 3D modalities, ranging from industry, manufacturing, design, science, medicine and defense to communication, entertainment and education.
  • We learnt the principles, theories, sciences, physics, optics, acoustics, electronics, algorithms, processing, technologies of 3D and many more.

Attendees from 3D-Ace Studio have got unbelievable experience at the International Conference on 3D Imaging in Belgium as it combined a high level of 3D expertise of participants and friendly atmosphere for sharing the information.

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