MODO 902 has been released

Modo logoThe latest version of MODO has been recently released by The Foundry Visionmongers. MODO 902 contains major updates regarding animation and rendering features. In addition, this new version introduces improvements in 3D modeling package and camera betterings. The 3D-Ace today dedicates this news to such important event. Let's take a quick look at what has changed in MODO. 

New Tools

An upgraded version presents a mechanism for creating a virtual 3D camera matching of a background by position, rotation, resolution, etc. Besides, a new toolset in a recent release allows to work with image's metadata and automatically set the camera to mirror the real-world scene. If this data provides an information about a specific location and time when the picture was taken a new MODO's feature named Physical Sun can establish the lighting settings according to physical sun parameters of a specific time of a day and place. 

In addition, MODO developers added unique projective features, for instance, Projection Texture tool that was created to project an image into a particular surface and Projection Shader that helps to reproduce exact pixels of a physical world image without worrying about lighting and shading influence.

Also, MODO's Camera Plane feature produces an image plane with already adjusted size and position to make it fill the screen.

Finally, MODO 902 includes a brush-based system Projection Ink that allows to paint textures precisely onto 3D geometry.

Updated and Improved Tools

The biggest news is that The Foundry Visionmongers updated Boolean algorithm and enhanced the MeshFusion feature, so now users can interactively and more accurately perform various modeling operations.

Also, multi-res sculpting has been improved and now allows to manage numerous layers at high operability level. Besides, in MODO 902, it's possible to edit both sides of the model by using symmetrical features.

In addition, this new version contains a massive update of almost all tools that artist frequently uses in his or her everyday work.


The latest pack of updates has also brought an unexpected surprise for MODO funs. For the first time since the third version of MODO was released seven years ago, registered users can update their software for free without any additional fee. At the same time, new users have a chance to purchase MODO software for $ 1,799.


MODO 902 is compatible today with Windows platform, as well as with OS X and Linux. The software is available for downloading for any supported platform.


We at 3D-Ace cannot wait to meet new challenges using an updated version of MODO. We believe that the latest release of this software will significantly improve our effectiveness, competitiveness and allow our artist to achieve new heights. 

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