3D-Ace Provides Internal Education to Boost Their Employee Performance

Gaming workshop for 3D-Ace employees

Among all of the company’s values, we consider team-orientation and communication being the most important ones. Why so?

In business, there are two major attitudes that keep a company focused, integral, useful, and committed to growth:

  • How you treat your team
  • How you treat your clients

It’s vital to provide impeccable customer service and be as client-oriented as possible nurturing and following the customer-first approach.

But what about the team? Do we pay as much attention to our team as we do to our clients? The team that does the actual job is often overlooked. The simplest tool that can confirm that statement is Google Trends.

Employee education Google trends

The team is what helps the company operate at the highest level by hitting the deadlines, nailing tasks, and keeping the clients happy.

This is why, at 3D-Ace, we heavily bet on internal education, and encourage others to look into the deal closer.

At 3D-Ace, we regularly conduct workshops and organize internal meetups to share our knowledge, fill in the gaps, and improve continuously.

Having regular meetups every Wednesday, we keep ourselves committed and focused. Internal education is a great cost-effective solution to stay organized and determined. It helps to improve our professional qualifications and get a broader perspective on how things work within the whole company.

We combine our staff in different groups so that they can get the maximum out of the workshops.

For example:

Designers and graphic artists usually share their knowledge with 2D and 3D artists and vice versa. Developers exchange experience with sales managers so that they can deepen their technical expertise and get a better understanding of the latest technological stacks.

Content writers and marketers listen to everybody and provide insights on how we are performing, etc.

Anyway, as a 2D and 3D art department of Program-Ace, the major focus is on art, modeling, and animation.

We started practicing internal education in 2018, and in 2019 it has become an integral part of our corporate culture, employee motivation, and company’s success.

What we talked about in 2018

The topics of 2018 included:

  • An in-depth dive into animation in Unity
  • Working with Blender. What we’ve learned
  • Marvelous designer pipeline for character concepting
  • Game development lifecycle: what game development starts with

What we talked about in 2019

So far, the topics of 2019 included:

  • Sketchup 3D modeling
  • Reverse engineering. What is that, and why is it important?
  • The advanced guide into UI design in games
  • Core pipelines and terminology in 3D
  • Blockout in Cinema 4D
  • Styles and pipelines in CG
  • The importance of a top-notch meta-gameplay

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Internal education and employee motivation play a vital role in building a strong and healthy team. We recommend every business either big or small investing in employee education and start learning from each other today.

From improved communication and team-building to infinite knowledge sharing opportunities, internal education is a great strategy to develop.

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