Get A Ballpark Estimate of Your Project Before You Start

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3D-Ace team is proud about our exclusive easy-to-use estimator that is very handy and automatically gets the estimate for your project, its costs and duration.

Get an accurate estimate for your project just within a few seconds!

We utilized our 5 years’ experience of work with architectural firms to create this project estimator based on a robust algorithm that will become the most useful tool for quick project estimation.

Key benefits

With our exhaustive calculator we offer our customers undeniable benefits that will facilitate your business growth through time and cost saving.

  • On-line estimate of costs and man/hours for your future project
  • Multiple parameters for accurate project estimate
  • Opportunity to select the most appropriate alternative: you can send multiple quotes for any architectural project
  • 100% free to use
  • No obligations
  • Quick: takes a few minutes only
  • Easy-to-use
  • In addition to our fully functioning project calculator, 3D-Ace offers a free professional consulting, strong project management and free quality assurance services to all our clients.

How it works

  • Define the Type of Model you need (there are 7 model types accompanied by a detailed description)
  • Define the intended Use of Model (real-time rendering or pre-rendering)
  • Starting from the 5th model type you can set up additional parameters, namely a Building Type (garage, one or two family building, townhouse building, multifamily/office building)
  • For model of the 6th and 7th types there is one more option available: Poor Input Data – which means that there is no drawing available, the input data is either a raster image or a .pdf file.
  • To estimate the costs of a multifamily/office building of the 7th type it is required to define the House Perimeter, which is either 110 meters or higher.  For every additional initiated 70 meters of perimeter the cost increases by 50%.
  • To estimate the costs of a multifamily/office building of the 7th type for real-time rendering you need to specify the Level Of Detail (LOD), which means the level of complexity of a 3D model representation.

See how different selections will affect the top line, which shows price and man/hours results. Truly, there is no better way to get prepared for your architectural project implementation!

After entering all parameters click the Estimate button to send a direct quote to our representative who will handle your request and contact you as soon as possible.


Our estimator and all results are non-binding and do not provide the final estimate of your project. All projects are different and our team is always trying to find solutions to lower the project costs if possible.

Individual work estimate will be prepared basing on data we receive from a project calculator and after additional communication with customer.

This calculator does not automatically order the specified services; it just gives you a pre-estimate of your project.

Automation Estimation


Type Of Model:
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
Use of Model:

Final estimate can be lower than preliminary result! Forward this pre-calculation to us and we will give you an accurate estimate for your project.


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