3D-Ace Team at Computer Graphics 2015, USA

September 21–22, 2015, Texas, USA – 3D-Ace team travels to the USA to become a part of the second international conference on Computer Graphics & Animation held in San Antonio, Texas. The conference and expo was devoted to the topic of innovation in the graphics world.

Computer Graphics 2015

San Antonio is a well-known education hub and research center with focus on CG and interactive techniques. It was chosen as a host city for the conference also because of the number of local companies involved in development of games for different platforms, production of cartoons, animation for medical and scientific purposes, CG for advertising, promotion and web design.


CG and Animation is a very sophisticated and comprehensive topic because of the great variety of aspects it covers. Software and hardware to use; modern industry standards to create realistic and eye-pleasing 3D models and animations; techniques used to simulate natural movements and create believable and smooth animations; recent studies revealing the secrets of creation of compelling computer generated imagery to use in movies, advertising, games and other digital media were all discussed during the conference making this even an invaluable contribution to the evolution and growth of animation and CG industry.


It is not a secret that development and expansion of computer graphics both 2D and 3D made a step forward and significantly impacted different types of digital media industries including movies, video games, advertising, animation and even software development. One of the main purposes of this conference and expo was to show the current state of CG industry and discuss current and emerging technologies to bring CG and animation to the next level.

Audience and Topics Touched Upon

Welcoming visitors who came to learn the latest trends in the field, the conference among others targeted academicians, 3D modelers and animators, game and VR developers, Chief X Officers of companies providing services related to production of CG and Animations.

During this unforgettable 2-day stay, our team enjoyed the conference reports of 45 speakers touching on the most topical themes related to the development and recent researches in animation, modeling and real-time rendering, development of simulations, as well as AR and VR applications with 3D content, Game Design and others.

Most of all, 3D-Ace representatives enjoyed the following reports:

  • Leveraging the arts for modeling & simulation by Paul Fishwick.
  • Exploring innovative technology: 2D image based animation with the iPad by Jennifer Coleman Dowling.
  • Character animation using genetic algorithms by Benjamin Kenwright.
  • Pushing the physical arts deeper into real-time rendering by Scott Swearingen.

Scope and Prospects

Today CG and animations are used almost everywhere, which give all of us a lot of promises. Movies, TV series, cartoons, games advertising materials are full of computer-generated images both 2D and 3D. The use of CG in VR and AR applications is also not new to us, so the demand in highly professional 3D modeling and animation studios grows day by day.

Computer Graphics 2015 is not only an expo but also an international platform that presented innovative and creative works and contributed to the transfer of knowledge between the academicians and businessmen for the benefit of both. It was the event that has brought together leaders with business, creative, and technology background to discuss the latest trends that can change the future of CG industry forever.

What We Learned At Computer Graphics 2015

Being a part of this amazing event gathering versatile personalities who are focused on learning more about and doing best of the world 3D Graphics and Animations was a great opportunity for 3D-Ace team to learn about most advanced approaches and researches in the field, as well as discuss them with a great number of experts from international CG community. The possibility to imbibe knowledge about the most recent techniques, tactics, and the newest updates in CG along with possibility to meet our present and potential customers made this 2-day event an important landmark in development and growth of 3D-Ace company.

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