3D-Ace Studio at MIA Animation Conference

MIA Animation Conference

October 24, 2016, Kharkiv, Ukraine - The 3D-Ace team visited an annual MIA animation conference and festival organized with the help of Miami Dade College at the Wolfson Campus. This year, the conference hosted over five thousand attendees with hundreds of students and over fifty guest speakers.

The MIA Animation conference is a perfect opportunity to dive into the world of new advanced technologies, adopt practical skills from industry trendsetters, and exchange experiences with the community.

3D-Ace has been presented by one talented animator and one Senior artist who brought new ideas and trends to our team and strengthened their knowledge in the field of art and animation.


This event was visited by thousands of influencers, decision-makers, technology lovers and explorers, 3D artists, animators, and other industry professionals. This has been one of the most exciting and fascinating conferences for industry enthusiasts.

Topics Discussed

This industry conference is focused mainly on CG, animation, VFX, motion graphics, art, gaming, and film design. Speakers raised controversial discussions on a variety of topics and talked about the pitfalls that developers and artists might come across.

The papers that were presented paid special attention to:

  • pre-production development;
  • sound production;
  • advanced animation techniques;
  • character sculpting with ZBrush;
  • figure drawing and illustration;
  • rendering animation;
  • rigging 2D characters;
  • and many others.

The 3D-Ace team really enjoyed the master classes and especially the "Pre-Production Feature Development Workshop" with Martin Mittner and 2-days "Figure Drawing" with Joanna Almasude.

What the 3D-Ace Team Gained from This Conference

The two-day conference gave us an opportunity to find out about in-depth industry insights that help us to become more professional in advanced trends and fluent in the latest technologies and tools.

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