3D-Ace Attended I3D Symposium In United States

I3D logoMarch 4, 2016, Kharkov, Ukraine - The 3D-Ace team took part in the 30th annual symposium I3D dedicated to real-time interactive 3D graphics and games and human interaction. The conference was held in Redmond, Washington on February 27-28th, 2016. 3D-Ace representatives were extremely happy to be a part of such fascinating event.

The thirtieth anniversary conference introduced twenty-four reports and research in six different blocks. The two-day program covered the main aspects of three-dimensional animation, visualization, real-time rendering, physically-based illumination, geometry, simulation, and interaction.

Two Senior 3D artists represented 3D-Ace at I3D and brought new ideas, trends and tricks from the conference right into our friendly team.


The anniversary conference got visited by three thousand people from 3D animation studios, companies that provide modeling, rendering and visualization services, 3D artists, graphic designers, animators, architectures, and freelancers. All of them gathered to get more insights in a broad spectrum of topics, including modeling, 3D graphics, lighting, animation, VR/AR, games and interaction techniques.

Speakers & Topics Discussed

The conference program touched the base of all 3D-related processes and computer graphic techniques. Speakers explained complex subjects and pointed out at the industry problems and difficulties that 3D artists can face with. The symposium has gathered more than a hundred international professionals in one or more 3D divisions that presented their papers and research to the audience.

All papers were divided into six main topics: interaction, rendering, illumination, geometry, simulation and animation, where speakers talked about the following:

  • real-time rendering and shading
  • interactive modeling and interaction techniques
  • 3D game production
  • animation and visualization
  • pre-computing lightning and model animation
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • interactive models, devices, and apps
  • real-time simulations

and much more.

The 3D-Ace team was impressed the most by 'Beyond Hard Shadows: Moment Shadow Maps for Single Scattering, Soft Shadows and Translucent Occluders' report made by Christoph Peters, Cedrick M√ľnstermann, Nico Wetzstein and Reinhard Klein. Our 3D artists discover many useful tips concerning shading techniques.

Benefactors & Supporters

I3D was sponsored and upheld by many competent and prestigious companies and research studios. ActiVisions, Intel and Microsoft Research became benefactors, while 2K, Narkii, Disney Research and NVIDIA supported the symposium. DigiPen Institute of Technology hosted the participants on the campus.

What Knowledge We Have Brought From I3D

The two-day symposium was full of delightful, fascinating and provocative information about the main areas of our expertise. 3D-Ace has expanded their knowledge in the fields of 3D visualization, interactive game production, and animation, got introduced to modern rendering techniques, new shading and illumination methods and tricks. Moreover, our delegates met some of the brightest representatives of 3D industry and explore the new techniques and methods in creating amazing 3D products.

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