3D-Ace Professionals at i3D 2014 in San Francisco, CA

i3D 2014 logo14–16 March, 2014 - conference for real-time 3D computer graphics and human interaction was held in San Francisco, CA.

I3D 2014 is a leading 3D computer graphics and human interaction event organized for 3D professionals from all over the world. I3D conference of 2014 is the 28th I3D conference focusing on 3D game technologies, interactive visualization and visual depiction, user-assisted techniques, interactive modeling, and applications.

Two 3D-Ace artists and one animator specializing in 3D modeling for games, organic modeling and game animation attended I3D 2014 to support the latest developments in the field of computer graphics and game industry.


The overwhelming majority of the attendees were 3D animators, 3D modelers and other CG professionals. 3D-Ace artists gained a perfect opportunity for face-to-face communication with world recognized 3D experts such as Bill Baxter, Nelson Max, Eric Haines, Jason Mitchell, Jingyi Yu and others.

Topics discussed

Main focus of the conference was on 3D computer graphics and human interaction and covered wide range of CG related topics, including:

  • Interaction methods and tools
  • 3D game modeling and animation techniques
  • LOD approaches
  • Lighting, shadows and reflections for real-time surfaces
  • Visibility computation
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • 3D animation for games
  • GPU methods
  • Navigation
  • Interactive visualization
  • 3D interaction based on Sketch


Conference partners

I3D 2014 was supported by multiple world-recognized corporate sponsors and benefactors including Microsoft Research, Nvidia, Google, Intel and private supporters.

What we learned through I3D 2014

A distinctive mark of the 28th conference on 3D graphics and games was its rich program and covered almost all aspects of 3D graphics for games. 3D-Ace experts: Vasily Novsky, Alexey Khrykhtin and Vladimir Vechernij participated at the most interesting and insightful discussions concerning:

  • Mechanics and Characters
  • Geometric Algorithms
  • Global Illumination
  • Shadows
  • Textures and Measurements
  • Illustration and Transparency


Being one of the most recognized conferences for professionals from 3D industry I3D 2014 helped 3D experts from 3D-Ace increase the awareness of the most up-to-date technologies and techniques in 3D modeling, animation, illumination, geometry, etc.

Attending such events we increase our level of technical expertise to produce 3D assets that will satisfy all the expectations and the highest world’s standards.

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