3D-Ace Artists Improve Their Skills at Web3D 2013 in Spain

June 20-22, 2013 - 3D-Ace experts, namely 3D modelers and animators attended the Web3D 2013 - the 18th edition of International Conference on 3D Web Technology held in San Sebastian, Spain.

Web3D Conference

The conference was tailored and aimed at 3D developers and artists, who wanted to share and explore the newest methods of using and enhancing 3D Web and Multimedia technologies. The event was opened for a worldwide audience. Regardless of whether the attendee came from 3D modeling industry or any other development area, everybody could find some interesting and involving sessions based on his or her preferences and area of expertise.

The main discussion of the conference referred to the capabilities and trends in interactive 3D graphics across a wide range of applications and supported research through 3D based application development for wide range of platforms from mobile to high-end immersive environments.

The list of speakers included highly skilled and knowledgeable 3D and Web developers among whom we would like to single out two invited speakers: Ricardo Cabello, graphic designer and computer programmer, and Alain Chesnais, professional software developer.

Topics addressed 

  • Methods of representation, modeling, and rendering of complex geometry and structure of 3D

  • Research on 3D related topics, including interactive methods of development of online 3D content and 3D graphics for mobile devices
  • Research and discussions on the topic of mixed and augmented reality
  • High-performance 3D content for distributed environments such as 3D broadcasting
  • Web, multimedia and standards integration and interoperation
  • 3D Animation techniques
  • 3D content development for Medical Applications, Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • 3D city modeling for geospatial analysis
  • Aspects of distributed virtual environments
  • Web-wide human-computer interaction, etc.

Besides, the conference touched the themes of a collaborative authoring and delivering of 3D content form educational, multimedia, industrial, medical, gaming and GIS purposes.

However, the main focus of the conference was the creation on innovative Web applications based on 3D graphics for several areas including eHealth, Transport, Industry, Education, Audiovisual or Tourism, as well as 3D mediacontent over 3D Internet. 

Web3D 2013 is an effective information sharing event, because...

  • Attendance of this and suchlike conferences is the key to success. Due to the constantly changing trends and technologies in the world of 3D modeling, 3D-Ace as a leading 3D modeling company is aimed to be always aware of the innovations in the field. For this reason, during three days of the conference our 3D experts have attended various sessions on 3D modeling, animation, rendering and interactive methods for creation of online 3D content.

  • Web3D 2013 is a good opportunity for our 3D artists to communicate with world-recognized 3D experts and share knowledge and experience in 3D modeling with them. This conference helped our team members improve their professional knowledge and raise awareness of the latest 3D modeling trends.

We, at 3D-Ace Studio believe that attendance of the Web3D 2013 will impact positively on our company’s reputation as we work out our skills in different directions including 3D modeling for Mobile and Web applications and we are glad to put the knowledge gained during this conference to use while creating top-quality 3D content for our clients.


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