3D-Ace artists attended CG EVENT Conference

cg event moscow logo30 November - 1 December, 2013 - International CG EVENT Conference was held in Moscow, Russia.

CG Event Conference is considered to be one of the main computer graphics events organized for 3D professionals from Russia and other CIS countries.

From our part two senior 3D artists, one animator and art director were present at the event.

Conference mission

The main aim of the conference was to unite all enthusiasts of computer graphics from all around the world and provide the opportunity for face-to-face communication.


The conference was tailored and aimed at studio owners, art directors, technical directors, animators, designers, and other professionals connected with computer graphics or merely interested in digital arts. More than 1500 highly motivated professionals attended the conference. 

cg event moscow

Areas of expertise

  • 3D and 2D animation
  • Interaction of 2D and 3D
  • Visual effects for films
  • Motion design
  • Concept art
  • Mapping and interactive, scientific visualization
  • Digital and analogue methods
  • Drawing board and brush
  • Modeling and sculpturing
  • 3D games

Conference program

The program of the conference included reports and speeches on the most topical issues. Not all of them were devoted to technological aspects of 3D modeling, animation and visual effects and other CG production but intended to cover both technical and creative aspects of the process.

The following aspects were included in the program of the conference: round table discussions on the topical issues, presentations of Russian and foreign artists, section for developers, demonstration and discussion of works, exhibition digests reports of the studios about their technologies, master-classes of world recognized artists and more.

A distinctive mark of the 11th conference was its very rich program: during 2 days of the conference more than 100 of 3D related topics were explored by both Russian and foreign specialists.

  • One of the key events of the conference was the two-hour exclusive performance by Framestore Studio (London) on the production of special effects for the "Gravity" film – more than 800 people gathered in the hall to listen to the contribution.
  • Experts from 3D-Ace attended the presentation of Moscow Studio “Main Road|Post”, dedicated to production of CG Effects for the film “Stalingrad”. They presented general characteristics of a tremendous work and a series of workshops on the production of different effects.
  • Another landmark performance was the report of the animation studio Disney: direct real-time character animation was done in Autodesk Maya, followed by comments of creators of the latest Pixar and Disney blockbuster.
  • The conference covered a wide range of issues. The program included a separate block devoted to rendering technology and a whole section on using open source tools - in particular, the Blender.
  • A traditional creative tournament where everyone could create digital artworks in real time was held on the 1st of December, the last day of the conference.

Conference partners

  • Autodesk
  • Maxon
  • Adobe
  • Intel
  • AMD
  • Wacom
  • The Foundry
  • Chaos Group

We, at 3D-Ace believe that attendance of CG EVENT 2013 will help to increase the level of technical expertise of our 3D artists. We learned new techniques and methods of visual effects production, modeling and sculpturing, 3D and 2D animation and more.

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