3D-Ace Animators At Spark Animation Conference 2014

Spark Animation 2014October 24 - 27, 2014 – Spark animation conference was held in Vancouver International Film Centre, Canada.

Spark animation conference 2014 organized by the Spark Computer Graphics Society is a premier 4-day event devoted to animation services and the entire multi-faceted medium where animation is the essential.

SPARK CG units diverse groups of people be it talented 2D/3D artists, animation leaders, inventors, directors and studio executives, both local and global willing to share their experience in Vancouver International Film Centre, where they could share their priceless experience and showcase the recent achievements to the animation community.


Everyone interested in the secrets of how-to of best animation and behind-the-scenes was able to attend the conference program using different passes. More than 700 professional both experts and students became listeners of a diverse series of presentations.


Spark animation conference 2014 was a great place to learn about the most up-to-date technologies and techniques from the world’s leading professionals from Pixar, BC-based Bardel Entertainment and Cartoon Salon, who disclosed secrets of the how-to of their latest shots taking the attendees through the winding path of animators’ profession and pointing out how to avoid the pitfalls that would inevitably arise on the way.

Spark Animation 2014 Attendees

Topics Discussed

SPARK ANIMATION 2014 in Canada showcased a variety of animations starting from student films to commercials, music videos, and ending with cartoons and featured films from Pixar, and other world animation studios.

Conference program included:

  • Presentations from world-recognized animators about cutting-edge technologies and approached in 2D/3D animation, giving deep insight into latest animation trends.
  • Great opportunities for networking and building long-lasting relationships with famous animation studios, studio executives, directors, as well as sharing experience with world-recognized animators
  • Job fair for recruiters followed the conference. The job fair attendees could discuss the opportunities of this growing industry and hire animators both local and international.


3D-Ace team keeps an eye on the most popular events devoted to custom 3D modeling and animation and our lead 3D animators are proud of becoming a part of the Spark animation conference in Vancouver. 3D animation is one of our key areas of expertise of our team, therefore we are always looking for the ways to increase our professionalism in the field.

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