30th Anniversary GDC Welcomed 3D-Ace Team

April 14, 2016, Kharkiv, Ukraine - The fascinating annual forum where people involved in game development came together to discuss new theories, exchange ideas and talk over the future of the industry has gathered over 26,000 participants, guests, and speakers. 3D-Ace experts were among attendees and have brought new knowledge to our friendly team. The forum was held in San Francisco on March 14-18.

The conference was featured by more than four hundred comprehensive lectures, discussion, reports and educational tutorials on a variety of game-related topics from production to distribution presented by industry seniors. Moreover, the expo part demonstrated popular game development software, platforms, and accompanying services that facilitate the game industry to develop and achieve new goals. This week-long event also included the 7th Independent Games Festival, the biggest annual festival connected to the competition of independent games for the audience's love and opportunity to publish a game, and the 15th Game Developers Choice Awards, annual ceremony of rewarding for achievement and recognition in the industry of games.

Three Senior experts represented 3D-Ace at the GDC expo and found out about new graphical trends in gaming industry and brought new astonishing ideas to the studio.


Game Developers Conference became home for twenty thousand gaming industry specialists with a strong tech background like coders and producers, graphic artists, designers, project managers and gaming business decision-makers. These experts took part in the discussions to express new meanings and ideas of new exciting games. Moreover, this conference has been created to give professionals an opportunity to form a prospect of game development industry.

Topics Discussed

The week-long program of the forum touched the bases of all topics related to game development. Speakers talked about subjects connected to programming, virtual and augmented reality, design, game production, audio, monetization strategy, visual effects, game management, marketing, and promotion. In addition, different types of game, including, but not limited to independent, free-to-play, VR/AR and platform-based. Moreover, the speakers explained the details of the organization of eSports events, advocacy, and specifics of managing the gaming community. 

Sponsors & Partners

This international event has been supported by a variety of leaders that dictate visual standards of gaming industry. For instance, some famous companies like Unity (Unity Technologies), Unreal Engine (Epic Games), Cry Engine (Crytek), Google, xBox, Amazon, NVIDIA, Sony and Intel funded Game Developers Conference as diamond sponsors. At the same time, Gamasutra upheld the conference as a premier media partner, while 171173.com, 2p.com, CEDEK, Develop magazine, Pixel and others became media & industry partners. 

What We Learned At the Conference

3D-Ace is proud to be a part of such fascinating international event and meet acknowledged professionals from all corners of the world. Members of our team opened their minds to new knowledge and learnt:

  • important design lessons;
  • how to think outside of the box and solve complex animation tasks;
  • progressive graphical techniques;
  • graphics features of VR and AR in gaming and entertaining;

and much more.

In addition, 3D-Ace representatives visited a variety of roundtables where they  took part in the discussions of important topics connected to game drafting, designing, applying visual effects, and animating.  

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