How to Create a Model for Digital Twin

Digital twin

When we think of future technology, we often imagine AI-powered services, wacky new modes of transportation, and immersive digital simulations. While all of these technologies have great potential for growth and are attention-worthy in their own right, some technologies that are less prominent but just as important are often overlooked. Digital twins fall into this mold.

Where to Get Top Quality AR/VR-ready 3D Models

When it comes to the development of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) software, you can’t get very far without 3D models. Although you might find some outlier programs that implement 2D graphics exclusively, most AR/VR applications rely on three-dimensional technology to visualize a realistic world or add digital elements to the world around us. If you are in the process of building an AR/VR application or this is something on your docket, the chances are that you won’t get very far without AR/VR-ready 3D models.

The Best Free 3D Modeling Software in 2020

In the early days of 3DM (three-dimensional modeling), a limited variety of commercial programs was available, and they were anything but free. Programs like Sketchpad, 3DS Max, AutoCAD were groundbreaking, and allowed the Autodesk company (which you will hear mentioned again) to get an early grasp on the industry. Fortunately, with the proliferation of the internet and open-source software, free 3DM programs began to appear on the market, and there is a healthy selection of them available today. Lets explore it together.

VFX Pipeline: What It Means and How You Can Use It

VFX development services

Most of us watch a lot of movies, but it is not often that we see something that amazes us with its visual brilliance and creativity, prompting us to wonder how it could have possibly been filmed, and attributing it to “movie magic”. Movie magic is sometimes attributed to camera tricks, lighting tweaks, unique props, and futuristic computer technology, but the truth is, most of the time, it is simply VFX created through the VFX pipeline.

How to Create 3D Model for Augmented Reality

How to create AR-Ready 3D model

From your smartphone to your television, from billboards to pamphlets, it is hard to find any form of media where 3D models, animation, or shapes are not used. Ever since we became proficient with 3-dimensional graphics and gained the technology to create them quickly, 3D has become a huge part of things that we see every day. However, we rarely stop to think about what it takes to make these models and animation.

Ready to animate? Start with the best 2D Animation Software

Software (also known as programs and applications) is a major help to animators all over the world, including those who work with two-dimensional graphics. This kind of animation is most often associated with children’s cartoons of the past century, but the popularity and prevalence of 2D animation software did not wane after we began to harness the benefits of 3D. In fact, relying on such applications are still in great demand and used everywhere, from video games to TV shows to advertisements to educational clips.

3D Modeling in Games vs Movies: A battle of the budget?

When we think of video games and blockbuster movies, we tend to imagine 2 different spectacles. On one hand, you have the sleek and artificial characters and settings of games that are obviously part of a computer-generated world. On the other hand, you have a world in a film that looks like it could be part of our own, even with some fantastic elements added.

Visual Effects Today: Basics, Trends, and Tips

What is visual effects

What is VFX?

When we hear the term visual effects, many of us imagine colorful and fantastic creatures, action sequences, fantasy worlds, and other unique visuals one can see on a cinema screen. Although we are accustomed to seeing visual effects in our movies and TV shows and generally associate them with some sci-fi and fantasy elements, they have a much broader range of use.


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