In the business world, there are 5 key components that ensure the success of a startup which are timing, team, business model, idea, and funding.

While the most important of all these five is timing, the team complexity and execution of a business idea are fairly taking up the second place.

Professional teams are expensive. It’s even more expensive to keep them in the office, especially, in such a dynamic and creative field as design, or more exactly, 2D & 3D art creation for gaming or non-gaming industries.

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Understanding costs of the office-based team of 2D & 3D artists

When it comes to office-based team hiring, employee costs are not only bound to how much the actual skills of a professional designer cost, but also:

  • Equipment expenses
  • Software costs
  • Taxes
  • Administrative costs
  • Social packages and insurances
  • Team management costs, etc.

By default, designers cannot work on old, dying computers and use built-in Microsoft Paint to deliver high-quality photorealistic models and images optimized for AR/VR apps or anything of that kind.

In order to settle down a whole office team of professionals you have to spend a lot on really performing PCs and software packages needed for them to work. Usually, a standard package of a designer includes different subscriptions such as:

  • Photoshop
  • Maya 3D
  • Unity/Unreal Engine, etc.

Each software subscription will cost you a penny, especially, when you need several of such packages.

When you’re just starting out, funding and initial savings to running a business are just crucial. You can’t allow yourself to run or scale a business with no finances which you have to dedicate to complex equipment and employee salaries.

Some may argue that having an office-based team is a must if you want to control the quality of the work they are producing and keep an eye on anything that’s going on. However, that’s very relative and subjective.

Even the most creative work usually boils down to very repetitive shapes, forms, colors, shades, etc. That means that micromanagement is not necessary. In fact, it micromanagement only destroys the creative work and does not bring any long-term results.

At 3D-Ace, we value our designers more than anything. We treat our team members with respect and dignity. Our team leaders are always ready to help solve a particular problem in no time and very effectively.

Keeping that in mind, we are looking for long-term partnership opportunities with small business owners and startups or mid-sized businesses who need a pair of skilled hands to tackle 2D & 3D art creation projects.

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The benefits of contracting an external 2D & 3D art production partner

The benefits of working with an external experienced partner are quite straightforward. You don’t have to pay for any of the administrative costs needed for office-based employees. Moreover, you do not need to pay for anything. The only skill which is required from you is to be a great sales manager and a keen manager.

As somebody who may be looking for gaming and non-gaming assets partnership opportunities, this is what you’ll get partnering with 3D-Ace:

  • Get access to a professional team of 30+ Unity/Unreal Engine Artists, Designers, Business Analysts and responsible managers.
  • Leverage 3D-Ace’s experience in creating gaming and non-gaming 3D models, art, and sketches. Please check our work on ArtStation.
  • Establish a long-term relationship with a multifaceted 2D & 3D art creation partner and acquire industry-specific expertise needed for successful business goals realization.

Having worked with a whole variety of projects, we have created thought-out processes and procedures needed for efficient and high-quality art production. Our experts can get you covered with the following skills:

  • 3D modeling for pre-rendering and real-time
  • Character or object details (rigging, skinning, texturing, lighting, composing)
  • Animation & visual effects
  • Photogrammetry
  • 3D catalogs creation
  • 3D presentations/walkthroughs
  • 2D art services

Choosing 3D-Ace as your art service provider and partner you can be sure that your clients will be satisfied with the work.

Our client-oriented approach allows us building strong relationships with the most prominent prospects and deliver solid results meeting the deadlines and project goals.

Apart from the team complexity and expertise which you get from partnering with 3D-Ace, we can also back you up during the calls or client meetings to provide you with our most talented designers and artists and help you close the deal.

Partnership with 3D-Ace is the right fit for:

  • Digital and marketing agencies
  • Small and mid-sized art studios
  • Media production companies
  • Companies which are developing new departments and need qualified experts in 2D & 3D art creation

Interested? Contact us here.

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